Rangers and Birmingham join Swansea to boycott social media against discrimination

Birmingham City and Rangers have announced that they will join Swansea City to combat online abuse and discrimination by not posting social media content for seven days.

Earlier Thursday, Swan announced a breakthrough move to not post content on any of the online social media channels during the next week, saying that the “disgusting abuse” that players suffered has reached a turning point. Did.

Fellow Championship Club Birmingham said he was “solidarity” with Swansea in the fight against online abuse and discrimination. As of Thursday night, they also “do not publish content” across male, female, or academy team channels.

Meanwhile, the Rangers agreed to meet Facebook and Instagram “at the level of hatred” and “to highlight our growing concerns.” [which] It is currently out of control. “

All players and management participate in the boycott of social media.

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Three Swansea players- Yang Danda, Ben Cabango and Jamal Lowe-Recently racist abused on social media, the Skybet Championship Club has declared “enough” in the fight against discrimination.

Liverpool trio Trent Alexander ArnoldNaby Keita and Sadio Mané are the latest on a long list of social media target players after losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League quarterfinals on Tuesday.

Premier League champions have called for “the strongest possible precautions” on the issue, and Swansea has sent Twitter and Facebook more stringent police against those convicted of sending online abuse. And urged the introduction of punishment.

Swansea said in a statement: “From 5 pm today, all first team players in the Academy’s Pro Phase (under 23 and under 18) Swansea City Ladies, Community Trust, Senior Club Staff and official club channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok) will not post content for 7 days.

“As a football club, I’ve seen some players have been badly abused in the last seven weeks alone. I feel it’s right to face actions that have a negative impact on our sport and society as a whole. I am.

“We are always unwavering in the support of our players, staff, supporters and the communities we take pride in, and we are united as a club on this issue.

“We also want to stand with players from other clubs who have had to endure sneaky discrimination on social media platforms.

“As a club, we are also keenly aware of how social media affects the mental health of our players and staff, and we hope that our strong attitude will highlight the broader impact of abuse. I will.

“In addition, CEO Julian Winter wrote to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook founder Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to introduce more stringent policing and punishment for social media companies. I want to do it. Sadly, the horrifying timid abuse that has become too common. “

Swansea has more than 1 million followers on Twitter and 3.5 million social media reach on social media platforms.

The social media boycott will cover Swansea’s Skybet Championship match against Millwall and Sheffield on Wednesday, but club news will continue to be posted on the official website during this period.

Swansea, who says the EFL supports their decision, added:

“Something needs to change quickly. As always, we all continue to work together in this important battle, and we welcome the support of our fellow clubs, players, fans and executives.”

Swansea captain Matt Grimes said:

“Three of our teams have been racistly abused in recent weeks and, as teams and clubs, implement the changes currently and currently needed for those at the forefront of social media companies. I wanted to take this stance to call again to do it. The future.

“It’s amazing that we’re still talking about this kind of racism and abuse. We’re very aware of the pressure of football at this level, but someone has that level of abuse. Don’t underestimate how it affects you.

“Social media has provided so many positive things over the last decade, but the unpleasant and vulgar abuse we see every day and every week is completely unacceptable. This stance across the club is all about it. I hope that people will support me. “


Rangers and Birmingham join Swansea to boycott social media against discrimination

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