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Rajasthan Royals Owners Participate in UK’s “Palaceson Wheels”

London [UK], June 11 (ANI): Rajasthan Royals’ lead owner, Manoj Badale, participates in a unique cycling event named “Palaceson Wheels” this year to raise funds for COVID bailouts throughout South Asia. Did.

At this event, more than 30 cyclists from Highgrove will endure a unique 420km route. A four-day cycle that began this Thursday will visit some of Britain’s most iconic royal families and palaces. Prince of Wales has kickstarted this year’s “Palaceson Wheels” cycling event.

The event continues from a previous British Asian Trust cycling event that saw British cyclists travel to Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania and Cambodia. This year’s “Palaceson Wheels” will feature the first cyclists in the UK.

The purpose of this cycling event is primarily to raise funds for COVID-19 relief efforts and to help millions of people suffering from the effects of the pandemic.

Manoi Bader said at the event that he is working little by little for the people of South Asia who are suffering from a pandemic.

“We are all responsible for making small efforts for South Asians suffering from a catastrophic pandemic, especially those at a disadvantage. It seeks Panregions and harnesses full effort. It’s an initiative. Obviously towards the rebirth of a particular section of the population in need of help in many ways, I have a special connection in the region through Rajasthan Royals and have a sports medium and framework. It’s really special that we can and through it we can promote an initiative to have greater reach. “

Rajasthan Royals also announced a donation of Rs 750 million (over $ 1 million) in April to bail out COVID.

The “Palaceson Wheels” team is headed by Rohit Chadha, a supporter of the British Asian Trust and the founder of the event.

“On behalf of all riders, donors and sponsors, we are in a privileged position to make life-defining changes for those who really need it. This is a truly humble honor. Since 2016, HRH With the incredible support and sponsorship of The Prince. Wales has raised over £ 1m to date, but work has not been completed. This month is the latest in the UK. With the vehicle Palaces on Wheels, we hope to significantly increase that total. ” .. (ANI)

Rajasthan Royals Owners Participate in UK’s “Palaceson Wheels”

SourceRajasthan Royals Owners Participate in UK’s “Palaceson Wheels”

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