Railway strikes. programs to allow agency staff to fill strike staff convicted of ‘reckless’ | Political news

The unions plan to change the law to allow the agency’s staff to go on strike, calling it “unwise” ahead of expected industrial action that threatens to disrupt the rail network later this month.

Transport Secretary Grant Schapps told the paper that any such move would not affect “this particular series of strikes”, but that “further measures will, of course, be taken during this particular dispute if it cannot be resolved”.

But Labor told Sky News that the government should “act as a firefighter, not a firefighter” as the RMT union prepares for the biggest rail strike since the network was privatized in the 1990s.

Politics Hub. The new legislation will “solve the problems” with the Northern Ireland Protocol

More than 40,000 employees in R 13 train operators on Network Rail dismissal is expected on June 21st, 23rd’s 25th’s 25th’s pay cuts.

Mr Shaps told The Sunday Telegraph: “The country must not continue to be ransomed.

“These strikes are incredibly premature. We will use all possible levers to protect the public in particular in the future.”

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Northern Ireland Secretary of State Brandon Lewis told Sky News’ Sophie Ridge on Sunday: “We are looking at a number of things.

“I think it is true that we are looking at everything we can do to support hard-working people who are often looking for a job, to take their children to school, to get to hospital appointments, without being disrupted by the strike. «

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Does Rachel Reeves support rail strikes?

But Labor’s shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, told Sky News that changing the proposed rules “made no sense”.

He said. “The way to solve it is to gather people around the table, but the idea is that you can replace a skilled train signaler with an agency employee. Would you feel safe going on the train knowing that he was an employee of the agency and not? Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.

“I know I would not do that, so instead of fanning the flames, the government should act as a firefighter, not a firefighter, trying to find a solution.”

Ms. Reeves dismissed the question of whether she would have voted in favor of the strike if she had been involved in the dispute.

He said he wanted to be the Chancellor of the Exchequer and would do “everything in his power to prevent such blows” if he were in office.

The repeal of the restriction imposed by the Labor government of Tony Blair, which does not allow the agency’s staff to stand for striking workers, will apply to all sectors, և the proposal angered a wider trade union movement.

PCS Secretary General Mark Servotka told Sky News: “It would be a terrible thing if the government went that way.

“We have already received the most restrictive anti-union legislation in all of Western Europe. It is already incredibly difficult for trade union workers to give up their workforce. There are so many legal gaps that need to be addressed.

“If you think about what Grant Shaps is trying to do with that legislation, then make industrial operations inefficient, I think it’s a basic human right to be able to get your job back.”

“You are only doing this as a last resort. Any attempt to bring people in to settle disputes will not solve the problem.”

TUC Deputy Secretary General Paul Novak said: “This government desperately wants to divert from its many failures by choosing to fight with the unions.

“Permitting to replace the striking staff of the agency will violate the right to strike; it would be extremely unwise.

“Involving less qualified, experienced staff to provide effective services will create real security risks for the public and the workforce.”

RMT Secretary General Mick Lynch said: “If the government tries to further reduce our rights, RMT, along with the rest of the trade union movement, will increase the fiercest resistance possible.”

Railway strikes. programs to allow agency staff to fill strike staff convicted of ‘reckless’ | Political news

Source Railway strikes. programs to allow agency staff to fill strike staff convicted of ‘reckless’ | Political news

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