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Rail tickets for more than half a million euros at the first major British Railway sale

  • Government աթ Railway industry launches the country’s largest ever rail sales, reducing travel costs
  • Directors can get their “next trip right away” with up to 50% savings
  • More than one million discounted tickets will help connect friends, family, promote UK tourism, and encourage green travel across the country.

More than one million train tickets will be cut by up to 50% as the government’s rail industry launches the UK’s first rail sales of its kind.

The public is encouraged to take advantage of this unprecedented sale, which for the first time sees a combination of multiple operators to offer nationwide savings.

The savings offered for non-peak tickets include:

  • Leeds from York – 5.60 pounds, now – 2.80 pounds
  • From London to Edinburgh – 44 pounds, now – 22 pounds
  • Cardiff from London -: 47, now: 25
  • From Wolverhampton to Liverpool – 10.50 pounds, now – 5.25 pounds
  • Newcastle from Manchester – 20.60 pounds, now – 10.30 pounds
  • Birmingham New Street to Bristol Temple Meats -, 25.30, now 60 12.60
  • It was, 45.70 from Portsmouth Harbor to Pence, now 22 22.00

Reducing rail travel costs will help alleviate some of the pressure on family finances at a time when inflation is rising around the world.

It will encourage people to visit different places, communicate with friends and loved ones, as well as travel around the country.

Transport Secretary Grant Shaps said.

Railway operators are coming together for the first time to help passengers facing rising cost of living, offering up to a 50% discount on more than one million tickets to travel through the UK.

There is no better time to visit friends, family or just discover our great country, so book your tickets today.

Jacqueline Starr, Executive Director Rail Delivery Group said:

We want everyone to benefit from traveling by train, as it is more than just a journey, it is a way to connect everyone with the people, places and things they love.

As part of the UK Railway sale, customers will enjoy over one million discounted tickets so they can explore some of the fantastic places available by rail.

Tickets can be purchased online from participating retailers for up to half price, which is a huge range of non-peak tickets across the country.

Tickets are on sale with discounted tickets from April 19 to April 25 to May 27.

The government is listening to people’s concerns about rising spending, taking more than 22 22 billion in action alone in 2022-23, which includes supporting energy spending to help ensure people save more money. Offering half-price train tickets is one way the government can further support families with living expenses.

Reforms through the railway sector Williams-Shaps Railway Plan means that selling tickets online can be easier in the future.

Rail tickets for more than half a million euros at the first major British Railway sale

SourceRail tickets for more than half a million euros at the first major British Railway sale

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