Quick Checkers: The leading checkers app for iOS and Android

For a game whose earliest version was first played thousands of years ago, checkers is to date regarded as one of the best, if not the best, board game there is.

This can be widely attributed to the fact that the board game has adapted to the changing times—none more so than during the internet age.

There can be no mention of online checkers without the inclusion of Quick Checkers—an online checkers game available for all iOS and Android devices.

Created by GamoVation, one of the most decorated video game developers in Europe and the world over, Quick Checkers was launched to great reception a year ago, amassing an impressive 3 million registered players so far.

Although it has dwarfed and surpassed all expectations, it had nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with sheer hard work and commitment.

A multiplayer game that allows you to challenge yourself against random players from all over the world, Quick Checkers supports multiple rules such as American Checkers/English Draughts, International Checkers, Spanish Draughts, Brazilian Checkers, Russian Checkers and Turkish Dama.

Its high quality graphics are second to none, while its competitive ranking system helps you keep track of your performances on both a local and global scale.

Additionally, you can gain access to popular locations such as New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro, provided you earn experience and level up.

From the look of things, one can unequivocally postulate that Quick Checkers has been made by equals, yet has no equal. Quick Checkers truly is the crème de la crème of online checkers.

So what does it take to win a quick game in Quick Checkers?

Control the centre

Checkers is quite a simple and direct game. Whoever controls the centre of the board controls the game.

As such, whenever you start any game of checkers, ensure that you place your checkers pieces at the center of the board.

This will not only push your opponent to the edges, but also increase your movement and capturing options.

Advance in groups

Whereas many players feel the need to advance with only a single checkers piece at a time in order to avoid being captured, the most advisable strategy would be advance en masse.

In doing so, you’ll not only be reducing your opponent’s options, but you’ll also be able to receive back up from your surrounding checkers pieces.

Reach the king row first/Maintain your king row

Kinged pieces are prestigious, as they are granted the freedom to execute additional moves. As such, you should always seek to get your checkers pieces promoted.

The more kings on your side, the better your chances of winning the game.

It goes without saying that allowing your opponent to acquire promoted pieces would be detrimental to your chances of triumphing in a quick match of checkers.

Strategize towards getting your checkers pieces promoted, whilst preventing your opponent from getting kinged pieces.

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