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Question Time Audience Condemns EU for Ongoing Fishing Lines-“Targeting the UK” | UK | News

During last night’s question time, the audience EU’Attitudes towards Britain are due to ongoing fishing problems on the South Coast. The BBC’s Fionables are Tory Finance Minister Lucy Fraser, 49, Treasury Bridget Phillipson Labor Party Shadow Chief Secretary, 37, Blackley-born NatWest Chairman Sir Howard Davis, 70, Economist Miatta Funburet, 42, and Dragons Joined Stockport Den Entrepreneur Jenny Campbell, 60.

There is still controversy over how many permits French fishermen have been given by British authorities.

Observers claim that the French president will take advantage of this controversy ahead of next year’s presidential election and appear to be tough. Emmanuel Macron wants to secure a second term.

The audience said: “I think this is just a continuation of the attitude of the EU and France and all those countries towards the UK since the time of Brexit.

“Brexit is complete. We need to move on and continue, but the EU and France, and all other countries, still have this point and seem to be trying to target the UK every time.”

On Wednesday, a British government spokesman said: “The threat of France is disappointment and imbalance, not what we expect from our close allies and partners.

“The threatened measures do not appear to be in compliance with the Trade Cooperation Agreement (TCA) and broader international law, and if implemented, appropriate and coordinated actions will be taken.”

“We convey our concerns to the EU Commission and the French Government.”

The BBC Question Time audience added, “It’s just to show their attitude.” He pointed out how Brussels started a new battle with Poland over the control of the ECJ.

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He continued: “In this week’s news, we saw again that they are currently targeting Poland. They are in trouble with the EU and are causing all these problems again.”

A dispute over EU law dominance has begun as Poland could adopt a “dirty remnant” strategy and suspend the EU’s policy structure, according to senior members of Poland’s ruling party.

The disagreement between Brussels and Warsaw over the rule of law could reach another peak, abandoning the EU’s goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050.

At a summit meeting with European leaders in Brussels this week, Poland was said to be at risk for about £ 51 billion in EU funds if it did not comply with EU regulations.

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Fiona Bruce will travel from Stockport to East Lee for next week’s question time episode.

The full panel has not yet been announced, but it is set to include the Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

Question Time Audience Condemns EU for Ongoing Fishing Lines-“Targeting the UK” | UK | News

SourceQuestion Time Audience Condemns EU for Ongoing Fishing Lines-“Targeting the UK” | UK | News

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