Quest announces QoreStor 7.1 to protect against ransomware tragedy and enhance cloud support-

Quest software, Global Systems Management, Data Protection, and Security Software Providers Today, Quest QoreStor v7.1 Provides customers with enhanced ransomware protection and cloud support. With these latest updates, QoreStor extends cloud capabilities and significantly enhances organizations’ ability to provide robust backup storage where they need it most, while adding technology that provides data persistence and retrieval. increase.

With advanced deduplication, compression, and cloud tiering capabilities, QoreStor unleashes secondary storage in a truly software-defined data center. The agility that only software can provide allows enterprises to leverage cloud-native storage in new ways to run QoreStor wherever they choose. QoreStor version 7.1 further enhances these features with new data security features.

Adrian Moir, Senior Consultant, Product Management and Lead Technology Evangelist for the Quest Data Protection Business, said: “The award-winning QoreStor solution enhances your backup solution, significantly improving your ability to optimize, secure and maintain your data, and reduce ownership and storage costs without compromising functionality. increase. “

As ransomware attacks continue to grow rapidly, QoreStor 7.1 enables organizations to increase protection from these threats and mitigate risk to their customers and operations.according to Recent reports In the ransomware state, only 65% ​​of the encrypted data was restored. This demonstrates the importance of implementing an enhanced backup solution to prevent data loss due to unsuccessful recovery even after the ransom has been paid. QoreStor 7.1 adds a layer of protection that gives users access to advanced features to prevent ransomware from invading backup data through two levels of protection, fast data access (RDA) immutability, and immutable data recycling bins. increase.

Among its main benefits, in addition to enhanced ransomware protection, QoreStor 7.1 also offers users:

  • Cloud reader mode: An alternative QoreStor instance that can be configured to read the active QoreStor cloud tier. This not only allows users to test cloud data, but also gives MSP flexibility when recovering and exporting customer data using cloud structures.
  • QorePortal integration: Quest’s integration with Qore Portal allows you to manage your Qore Stor instances on a SaaS basis from anywhere, anywhere. Ideal for large installations and MSPs, the Qore Portal has built-in organizational structure and role-based access.

The feedback so far is great.

Martin Hörhammer, CEO of Medialine AG, said: “QoreStor’s ability to provide over 90% deduplication in a Veeam environment is compelling.

“Bridgehead Software’s RAPid ™ data protection solution helped many sites recover from ransomware, so developments that make backups even more secure are always welcome,” said Gareth Griffiths, Product Manager at BridgeHead. Stated. “QoreStor with an efficient cloud tier checks all boxes for efficient offsite storage. Now, with immutability, QoreStor provides an additional air gap between the server and the data. Enhances protection, so if the backup server is destroyed, the backup itself cannot be deleted. BridgeHead’s RAPid uses a secure RDA protocol to choose a different minimum hold for each backup cycle. By combining “in flight” and “stationary” of secure encrypted data with immutable storage, QoreStor and RAPid are natural partners. “

Kyle Chapman, Lead IT Systems Engineer at Precisely, said: “Using QoreStor with Veeam certainly meets our needs. We also use QoreStor with QuestNetVault for backups via NDMP. [Network Data Management Protocol].. Work that used to take 52 hours (more than 2 days) now takes 19 hours. “

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Quest announces QoreStor 7.1 to protect against ransomware tragedy and enhance cloud support-

Source link Quest announces QoreStor 7.1 to protect against ransomware tragedy and enhance cloud support-

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