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Queen Lying in the States: Mourning Line at London’s Westminster Hall – Live | Queen Elizabeth II

Guards and Royal Navy soldiers attend rehearsals for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession in London. The Queen will rest in Westminster Hall for four full days before her funeral on Monday. Photo: Felipe Dana/AP

An early morning rehearsal for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in London ahead of her funeral on Monday.
An early morning rehearsal for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in London ahead of her funeral on Monday. Photo: Danny Lawson/PA

Concerns have been raised since last night about the health of the Royal Guard who fell while watching over the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall. As the guard stood at the foot of the dead monarch’s coffin, he suddenly fell forward and fell to the floor.

Footage taken from a live broadcast posted on social media around 1 a.m. captured the fall. A black-clad guard stood with a ceremonial staff. Nearby officials immediately rushed to his aid. The live footage then faded to the exterior of the building, night vision for a while.

Guards of any unit, including the Sovereign’s Bodyguard, Household Division, or the Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London, must stand perfectly still in the four corners of the Catafalk. The soldier changes his position every 20 minutes, but the time he is standing and completely still is 6 hours.

good morning Queen Elizabeth II begins his first day in bed in Westminster Hall, London. Here’s a recap of what happened this morning.

  • Westminster Hall opened Wednesday night So that the common people can pay their respects to the Queen. King Charles III leads the procession that carries the Queen’s coffin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.

  • All night held in the hall It was attended by party leaders as well as other senior royals.

  • The Queen will rest until 6:30 am on Mondaywhen the coffin is taken to nearby Westminster Abbey for the funeral.

  • Mourners have been alerted to the queue It can last as long as 30 hours to pay tribute to the Queen. The queue stretches over Lambeth Bridge for her over two miles and up the South Bank to London Her Bridge.

  • At least two people were treated by paramedics After standing in line and collapsing in the heat.

  • People describe their feelings when they said goodbye to the Queen. “I saw the coronation and the Queen has been with me all my life. Very sad,” said one woman.

  • Nearly two-thirds think Britain will change As a result of the Queen’s death, according to a YouGov poll.

  • Joe Biden offered his condolences to the Kingtold him that the Queen’s “dignity and constancy” helped strengthen relations between the United States and Britain. Meeting with the Governor-General, all expressed sympathy.

  • Foreign Office continues to cut guest list for Queen’s funeral, adding Syria and Venezuela to the list of uninvited countries. The Indian president is set to represent his country at the Queen’s funeral on Monday.

https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/live/2022/sep/15/queen-elizabeth-lying-lie-in-state-mourners-queue-miles-westminster-hall-london-live-news-latest-updates Queen Lying in the States: Mourning Line at London’s Westminster Hall – Live | Queen Elizabeth II

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