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A press release from Buckingham Palace details parts of King Charles’ engagement on Saturday.

10:45: The King receives the First Lord of the Admiralty, Chief of Air Staff, Chief of Staff, Chief of Defense Staff, Deputy Chief of Defense Staff and Commander of British Strategic Forces in the 1844 Room at Buckingham Palace.

13:00: The King receives the Governor of the Realm for a reception and lunch at Buckingham Palace.

15:45: The King receives the Prime Minister of the Kingdom in the 1844 Room at Buckingham Palace.

Attendees today include Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Bahamas Prime Minister Philip Davis, Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Queue Update: Mourners are still being directed to join the back of the queue from Southwark Park, but things are more static with constant movement up the Thames Trail along Bermondsey Wall East . Bright pink wristbands stating that they do not guarantee entry to Westminster Hall will continue to be distributed.

Hundreds of soldiers attended an early morning rehearsal in Windsor ahead of the Queen’s funeral.

After services at Westminster Abbey on Monday, the deceased monarch’s coffin will be carried from London to Windsor in a state hearse.

The hearse then marches through the Long Walk lined with military personnel to St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Early Saturday morning, a marching band was playing music and grenadiers were found adjacent to the hearse, rehearsing before the service.

A military pipe band marches along Windsor’s Long Walk during an early morning rehearsal for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA

A mounted policeman walked in front of the procession, followed by a member of the lifeguard with a sword, a pipe band dressed in tartan, and a member of the Household Cavalry.

About 30 grenadiers marched in single file, in two lines, beside the hearse.

The Grenadier Guards is one of the most senior regiments in the British Army, with soldiers known for their scarlet tunics and bearskin uniforms worn on ceremonial duty at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

Map of the Queen’s final journey from Westminster Abbey to Windsor Castle.
Map of the Queen’s final journey from Westminster Abbey to Windsor Castle.

One spectator said he set his alarm for 3:15 am to watch the rehearsal.

Catherine Horsfall says:

“A splendid send-off in a posh ceremony that she deserves.”

The Queen’s final resting place is the George VI Memorial Chapel, an annex to the main chapel where her mother and father were buried, as well as the ashes of her sister, Princess Margaret.

The late Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin moves from the Royal Vaults to the Memorial Chapel to join the Queen’s coffin.

Lifeguard members follow Windsor's Long Walk.
Lifeguard members follow Windsor’s Long Walk. Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA

was a man Arrested Friday ‘after disturbance’ at Westminster Hallwhere the Queen lies after reports that someone ran up the stairs to Catafalque and touched the coffin.

Eyewitness described moment when person ‘pushed her’ [seven-year-old daughter] Halfway through, I don’t know what I was trying to do by running over to the coffin and picking up the standard.”

Tracy Holland said, “Darcy was grabbed out of the way and the police caught him within two seconds. We’re trying to get her back so she can turn around again.”

Eyewitness describes moment when man ‘ran to Queen’s coffin’ – video

Here’s a collection of photos showing the Queen’s met with celebrities over the years, from Marilyn Monroe and Paul McCartney to Lady Gaga and the Spice Girls.

The Queen shakes hands with Spice Girl’s Geri Halliwell after performing at the Royal Variety in 1997.with her bandmates Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham, Mel C and Mel B Photo: PA

A nice Twitter thread from Jules Birkby, who lined up for nearly 16 hours with his mother yesterday to pay tribute to the Queen.

She traveled from Leeds to the capital on Thursday night and arrived at Westminster Hall on Friday afternoon.

Some highlights:

  • “It’s been magical to see London come to life in the last hour, but it’s been met with a very strange mix of amazement, disbelief and pity by those who walk to work. ”

  • “The lady next to me is in line at HEELS.”

  • “We’ve traveled about 50 meters in about an hour. There are occasional enthusiastic gasps from the crowd as we begin to move…but when we stop again just a few meters away, we hear an ‘ah’ of collective disappointment.” increase.

In conclusion she said: The Queue has introduced us to so many talented people. We’ve laughed, cried, and cheered each other on. Then, around 5am, I was on the brink of life and death, but I got over it with some hot tea and everything was fine again.

Very few people do this for me. But I seem to be on a train to London, and I stand in a very long overnight line with my dear mother.

here comes the rolling thread #Queue pic.twitter.com/cycAvknBcn

— Jules Barkby (@NowThenSunshine) September 15, 2022

The latest news on major lying queues suggests that wait times have now been reduced to 16 hours.

Esther Addley

of imperial crownits latest incarnation resting in the Queen’s coffin as thousands filed past this week, has witnessed many resonant moments in history, some not so majestic. .

For example, after the death of the Queen’s grandfather, King George V, the King’s coffin was carried crown-up from London’s King’s Cross station. It supports snapping and rolling into the gutter.

Although hastily recovered, the dead monarch lay beneath the severed crown. Edward VIII, taken as a bad sign. After 11 months, sure enough, Edward abdicated.

According to an update from DCMS this morning at 9am, the Accessibility Queue for those wishing to pay tribute to the Queen has reached capacity and will be closed until noon.

This queue is only for people with accessibility needs who are allowed to bring one attendant.

Her Majesty’s Lying State Accessible Queue Update, 09:00AM, Sept 17

The accessible queue is closed until noon today and has limited capacity.don’t try to arrive early

Queues are for people with accessibility needs only and can only bring one caregiver pic.twitter.com/VOroKri2CT

— Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (@DCMS) September 17, 2022

Jamie Grierson

Those who have received the highest military or civilian honor for service to their country are to participate in the Queen’s funeral procession.

Seventeen of the 23 recipients of the Victoria Cross for military merit and the George Cross for civilian bravery will attend the ceremony on Monday, including one from New Zealand and four from Australia.

Among the George Cross winners in attendance is Jim Beaton GC, who was honored after being shot three times while thwarting a shooter who attempted to kidnap the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, in 1974. I have a CVO.

“It was an honor to work for Her Majesty,” Beaton said. “I have a lot of very happy memories.”

A map showing the Queen’s funeral route from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch.
A map showing the Queen’s funeral route from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch.

Seven people participate in the procession for the Order of Chivalry. Among them is his CSgt Johnson his Behari VC who was awarded the Victoria Cross for saving his colleagues twice while under attack in Iraq.

Beharie, 43, of the Royal Regiment of Princesses of Wales, said: Queen Elizabeth II.

“Having my Victoria Cross carved on me is one of the most dear memories I hold in my heart. increase.”

On Saturday morning, people line up near the Houses of Parliament to pay their respects after the Queen’s death. Photo: Archis Konstantinidis/Reuters
People in thick coats and woolly hats line up on Lambeth Bridge. Photo: Tom Nicholson/Reuters
Mourners line up at Westminster Hall on Saturday morning to pay their respects to the Queen lying stateside at Westminster Hall. Photo: Antonio Olmos/The Observer

The reign of Elizabeth II and the enormous changes that took place during that time cannot be easily explained. Matthew Engel.

Churchill evoked “the grandeur and genius of the Elizabethan era” in his grand prime minister’s radio address the day after Elizabeth II became queen, and the concept of “new Elizabethanism” took hold for a while. Airplanes and new high-speed trains (from King’s Cross to Edinburgh within seven hours of her) were both named Elizabethan.

But it didn’t stick. The last eponymous era was the reign of Queen Victoria. “Victorian” immediately evokes the image of her era, or at least the perception of it as “modest and austere.” obsolete, obsolete” (Oxford English Dictionary). It is also used in the United States, especially to represent a house.

Perhaps it is because the change in the Second Elizabethan period has been seen with such extraordinary speed that it is futile to try to sum it up in one adjective.

As a sign of how obsessed some people are with ‘The Queue’, this morning’s BBC weather forecast included a specific temperature forecast. It’s a chilly 7 degrees.

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