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QT Audience Calls MPs Raising Cash In Second Job-“Law for Members” | UK | News

Owen Paterson, 65, was found to have committed a “terrible” breach of lobbying rules by a cross-party standards committee last week and is more than £ 100,000 a year as a paid consultant for both Landox and Linds Country Foods. Received.

The latest Tory Threes accusation dominated the opening of last night’s question-time episode in East Lee.

Join BBC Last night’s panel included host Fiona Bruce (57), Tory Rep. Paul Polman (53), Greens’ only member Caroline Lucas (60), and Workers’ Shadow International Trade Secretary Emily. Thornbury (61), telegraph journalist Tim Stanley (39), former CEO and campaigner Paul Polman, 65.

But during discussions of Mr. Patterson’s program on the Threes scandal, a question-time audience told the panel that parliamentarians should not be able to take on a second job.

She states: “I don’t think MPs should deal with member issues only and play multiple roles.

“By playing multiple roles, I have time to get paid by other companies because I say that the problem with their members is a part-time role.”

She added, “When you are elected to this particular role for your supporters, you act only for them and them, and no one else.”

Telegram Tim Stanley responded to her intervention by asking if this applies to MPs who want to join the fire department or become a general practitioner.

“I think it’s good for parliamentarians to do things other than parliamentarians, so could you include something like becoming a firefighter or general practitioner? That can bring them to work. Gives you the experience you can. “

Green MP Caroline Lucas pointed out that she worked a huge amount of time, suggesting that Stanley’s claim was ridiculous.

These comments come after Owen Paterson announced yesterday that he had resigned as a member of North Shropshire.

Former Northern Ireland Secretary issued a statement confirming his resignation.

The letter also emphasized that Mr. Patterson “remains a civil servant” but “outside the cruel political world.”

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BBC One will air next week’s episode at 22:35.

QT Audience Calls MPs Raising Cash In Second Job-“Law for Members” | UK | News

Source QT Audience Calls MPs Raising Cash In Second Job-“Law for Members” | UK | News

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