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Putting masks on school and offering Covid jabs to everyone under the age of 18 in Wales, says education union leaders

Educational union leaders say that everyone under the age of 18 should be given the Covid vaccine and should continue to wear masks at school in September, including classrooms as needed.

David Evans, Welsh Secretary of the National Education Union Cymru, expressed concern about the effect of relaxing the restrictions warning that “we have not yet left the forest.”

According to the new guidance, children over the age of 12 will be offered a Covid jab in Wales, but only if they are at high risk of serious Covid.The Welsh government will also start in September Face mask Once a Covid case is identified, it will no longer be routinely recommended in the classroom and the year-round group will no longer need to be quarantined.

Normal school session time resumes at the end of the staggered start and end.You can read more about it here ..

“For those under the age of 18 vaccination.. After all, we want the safest environment possible. He said he needed to do everything possible to keep the transmission speed as low as possible.

“The mask should be worn until you are confident that the infection rate and cases have begun to decline. Wait a little longer.”

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Evans needs to continue all current mitigation measures at school until it becomes clear that virus infection rates are declining rather than rising, as virus infection rates are being mitigated nationwide. Said there is.

“We know that delta variants are present and infections are increasing. That must be a concern.

“Schools need to do their own proper risk assessment for this. Obviously, we haven’t left the forest yet.

“We do not try to force vaccination, but there is a difference between forcing and recommending that everyone under the age of 18 have access to the vaccine.

“We need to do everything we can to keep the transmission speed as low as possible.”

Which young people will be offered the Covid vaccine in Wales?

  • Vaccinations should be provided to children and adolescents aged 12 to 15 years who are at certain basic health conditions at risk of severe Covid-19.
  • Children and adolescents over the age of 12 who are the household contacts of immunosuppressed people have found that the main benefit of vaccination is related to the potential for indirect protection of household contacts. Above, you should be offered a Covid-19 vaccination.Immunosuppressed

Evans said masks will continue to be needed in common areas and classrooms at all schools, depending on local conditions.

“Each school needs to make informed decisions. Depending on the size of the classroom and the number of students, it is the school’s responsibility to wear masks in the classroom. Masks must continue in common areas. . “

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Members of NEU Cymru said schools want to face education, but to continue it, they need to be cautious until there is more data on the effects of unleashing a wider society.

“I don’t know the effect of opening a club or sporting event. We know England rushed into this earlier than us. It’s still a matter of mitigation measures in place, but things are There is a need for open realism.

“Our members want to go to school and have their children learn and educate, which means teaching face-to-face, which is also related to health and safety measures.

“We will open as much as possible, but we will take mitigation measures such as providing face masks and vaccines under the age of 18.

“We have the weirdest 18 months of memory and everyone wants to get back to normal, but there are some easy ways to reach that goal. Eliminate them. Let’s not do it. “

Mr Evans said he hopes that the school’s contact bubble, where thousands of students and staff have been repeatedly quarantined, will be avoided next year.

“Every teacher wants every student to be in school as much as possible. Each school has to make its own decisions. I don’t want to see hundreds of students at home for a long time. . “

But he was concerned that the Welsh government would not give detailed guidance on reopening schools until the beginning of the next semester.

The Government of Wales published the “Regional Covid-19 Infection Control Decision Framework” at the beginning of the fall semester, stating that schools will conduct a regional risk assessment.

All adults in Wales will receive both Covid vaccinations by the end of September, and schools and universities have been told by the Wales government that they can mitigate Covid risk prevention.But it’s essentially up to them based on a local risk assessment

“The school needs information as soon as possible so that it can be arranged. The school must respond promptly and has done so. Ideally, this detailed information before the end of the term. Would have been obtained. “

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Putting masks on school and offering Covid jabs to everyone under the age of 18 in Wales, says education union leaders

SourcePutting masks on school and offering Covid jabs to everyone under the age of 18 in Wales, says education union leaders

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