Putin seemed to keep warm with ‘wool blanket’ during Victory Day parades

Some of Putin’s colleagues were seen wearing blankets to keep warm (Image: @Kremlinpool_RIA)

Vladimir Putin was seen using a heavy blanket to keep warm during Victory Day parades in Moscow.

The Russian president has been plagued in recent months by rumors of declining health and observers are doing nothing to dispel allegations that the leader, who turns 70 in October, is unwell.

Victory Day, marks the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 by the Soviet Union.

The day is a major event in the Russian calendar and sees large-scale displays of patriotism taking place across the country.

Putin was seen bundled in a jacket with a blanket wrapped around his knees when he approached other Kremlin officials to oversee the displays on Moscow’s Red Square.

Temperatures in the Russian capital reached 9ºC this morning and although the president did not use a blanket to devise the parade, a few of his colleagues were spotted.

The extra layer was not missed by observers on social media, who were quick to comment.

One shared footage of the president packed with remarks saying ‘It’s cold in Red Square today’, while another alleged Putin had grabbed a veteran’s blanket after noticing they were using it as well.

Kremlin dignitaries attend presidential parade on Red Square (Photo: EPA)
Victory Day has seen enormous displays of nationalism take place in Moscow (Photo: Reuters)

The Russian leader has long been rumored to be hiding a serious condition, possibly a cancer diagnosis or Parkinson’s, amid the war in Ukraine.

The Kremlin has always strongly denied Putin’s illness, but critics claim that images of the president are inflated, disappear in chairs and disappear for long periods, suggest otherwise.

The president would operate in the coming weeks to treat cancer.

The popular Telegram channel General SVR has reported that Putin may be forced to relinquish control of the war while on treatment.

He would have already delayed the operation that was planned for the second half of April.

But his doctors have insisted that it happens ‘in the near future’ because ‘the course of the disease is progressing’, according to General SVR, which claims to have a well-located source in Moscow.

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Putin seemed to keep warm with 'wool blanket' during Victory Day parades

Source link Putin seemed to keep warm with 'wool blanket' during Victory Day parades

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