Proud mother Kate Ferdinand shares a lovely clip of her baby’s son Cree Dance

Kate Ferdinand In a sweet clip posted on Instagram Stories on Monday, she shared the impressive dance moves of her baby son Cree.

The 30-year-old boy filmed an adorable boy bouncing his legs in a white babygro while watching a children’s television show early in the morning.

Singing along with the animated theme song, Kate cheers for Baby Cree while capturing the cute moments shared with 1.4 million followers.

“Happy Monday, Little Monday Morning Dance,” she captioned the footage.

This comes after a former TOWIE star tells fans she’s “returning to normal” Recently caught Covid-19 and needs to be quarantined..

Kate Ferdinand shared a cute clip of her baby son Cree dancing on Monday

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Kate received a message of concern from fans after not appearing on social media. She explained that she was focused on spending time with her family after leaving her family during isolation.

“Thank you for checking in all the messages. Thank you to everyone,” Kate wrote while posting a photo of the white rose arrangement.

“I was fine, had a COVID (which I had to quarantine), and then returned to normal life and enjoyed spending time with my family.”

Kate’s son, Klee, was dancing to a children’s television show playing on television.

The clip comes after Kate told fans that she was recently quarantined with Covid-19.

Later, a reality star posted a photo of her baby’s son, Klee, sitting in a buggy and captioning.

Fitness enthusiasts also recorded her trip back to the gym 14 days later and returned to workout after having a covid.

She admitted that the first day was “hard” and “really lacking in enthusiasm.”

Since recovering, Kate has caught up with the boy for a walk

She also recently returned to the gym to get fitness back on track after being isolated.

Despite her first struggles, Kate has completed her gym session and now appears to be back in good health and enjoying family life with her husband. Rio Ferdinand, Their son Cree and her stepchild Lorenz, 15 years old, Tate, 13 years old, Tia, 10 years old.

This continues Candid posts shared by Kate on social media Before getting sick about how she treated being part of a mixed family.

“I often can’t believe my luck. I have all three things I’ve always dreamed of, but strangely, I sometimes feel that it’s not really mine.” She said.

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Proud mother Kate Ferdinand shares a lovely clip of her baby's son Cree Dance

Source link Proud mother Kate Ferdinand shares a lovely clip of her baby's son Cree Dance

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