The UK is a country that has a lot of people, and because of this there are many taxi drivers to meet the demand. This means there is an increasing need for affordable insurance for cab drivers. provides quotes from various insurers so you can find one to suit your needs.

  1. Why is Uber Insurance Important?

Uber driving is a flexible way to make a little bit of extra money, either as a full-time job or just for those nights and weekends. When you’re thinking about the amount of money that you need to cover your cab insurance, you might want to consider how likely it would be for something bad to happen while Uber driving. There are a few things that you could consider, such as:

  1. What is Third Party Only Insurance?

The answer to this question would be best answered by your insurer, but what you can assume is that it’s the bare minimum level of insurance one needs so that if something bad happens while driving other people around, they are protected.

  1. What is Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance?

This level of insurance covers you if anything bad happens to your car while driving around for Uber. If it’s damaged in an accident (no matter who is at fault), or stolen, or catches fire, then you’ll be covered for the costs of repairs or replacing it.

  1. What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

This is one of the levels of insurance that you can look into if you are thinking about being an Uber driver for longer periods or covering more distance while driving around. Basically, this type of insurance covers you under all circumstances, so it’s worth considering when deciding how much coverage you actually need.

  1. How Do I Get an Uber Taxi Insurance Quote?

From , you can enter your details and get a number of quotes.

  1. How Can I Save Money on Taxi Insurance?

When you’re looking for a taxi policy, it’s always worth checking for discounts that might apply. For instance, if you have been with your insurer for a number of years then they may give you a loyalty discount. If you drive to and from work every day, then most insurers will offer a ‘home-working’ discount. And if your car is more than ten years old – irrespective of any other factors – there’s a chance that your quote will be lower because the insurance company assumes it’s less valuable. This list isn’t exhaustive though, so please check with each insurer for their own range of discounts.

Uber is an innovative technology platform changing people connect with trusted local cab drivers. Uber is changing the way people get around, introducing consumers to a new ride-sharing economy and tech savvy drivers.

  1. Do Uber drivers need business insurance?

Uber drivers don’t need business insurance because you are not running a business. You are using their app to connect with customers in your locality.

It may be worth thinking about the amount of money that would need to be replaced in case of theft or an accident – this could make it worth getting comprehensive coverage even if your time is short and the area small.

The minimum level of car insurance that you need when driving for Uber is third party only insurance, otherwise known as ‘third party fire and theft’. This means that if anything bad happens while you’re driving around, other people are protected from the consequences of your actions (e.g., damage to someone else’s property). Many insurers provides this type of cover when you have a policy for your car, but it’s always worth checking. If you’re a new driver, it might be worth looking into this from the outset.

The next level of car insurance is third party fire and theft with comprehensive. This means that the insurer will cover you in all circumstances – so if anything happens to your car, you don’t have to worry about finding coverage for any costs. It’s usually not necessary for most Uber drivers, but it’s worth considering before committing yourself.

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