Progressive is gathering around Medicare, and the reduction of health packages is imminent

“We’re not going to retreat,” Jayapal said on a phone call with his supporters Tuesday night. Regarding the potential for fewer health programs to be included in the bill, she said: And the answer is, very simply, no. It is because the same people are forced to solve something without doing anything over and over again when it comes to something rather than nothing. “

Progressive is lagging behind Medicare’s expansion as it represents the greatest opportunity to legislate a fragment of the “Medicare for All” vision.But in the process, they drew Criticism from fellow Democrats Profit will flow to the wealthy, with threats from medical industry groups that it could raise premiums for the elderly at the expense of Medicaid’s poor and colored communities. According to some estimates, the program’s 10-year cost has exceeded $ 350 billion, and in the face of expected Republican unanimous opposition, leadership votes to pass the package. It is a big goal of reduction because we are trying to collect.

In a new letter to the committee leaders obtained by POLITICO, leading centrist politician Jared Golden (D-Maine) called the Medicare benefit proposal “underdeveloped” and seemed to be delayed. It depends on a “budget gimmick”.

Progressives say Congress can manage costs by approving new Medicare benefits for just a few years, believing that Congress will prove to be so popular that future Congress will have to renew them. Insist. Meanwhile, centrists such as Golden and Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) Claim that profits are tested by means and are therefore limited to the poorest Americans. The basic beliefs of social insurance.When Depending on how much Manchin and others reduce the top-line costs of the bill, Medicare’s expansion could be stopped altogether.

“We have to move from cutting shears to cutting shears,” said one senior Democratic aide.

Pelosi’s democratic leadership wants the party to invest more money in less programs in social spending packages. In particular, we hope to expand our health insurance reform subsidies and extend Medicaid’s reach to more low-income earners in the 12 conservatively-led states that have not yet expanded. program.

“The consensus of the caucuses is that whatever the package contains, we have to do it very well, rather than spread it very thinly so that it doesn’t have the desired impact on the whole country,” he said. Said. Anna Eshoo (D-Cal.) Chairs the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Democrats and aides said the possible expansion of Medicare is likely to drop out altogether due to its high cost and difficulty in deploying quickly. To maintain the majority of their slim parliament.

Even House’s $ 3.5 trillion plan has proposed to postpone the start of dental care until 2028, and Congressman Mark Pokan (D-Wis), who previously headed Progressive Caucus with Jayapal, did much more. I acknowledged the difficulty of making it available quickly.

“Some of these will be pretty hard to move up,” he said.

Slow deployment is also a pain for members who rely on the bill’s program to help maintain seats in the Swing district.

“I don’t want this to be as amorphous as I would say to a 68 year old. Wild (D-Pa.).” It doesn’t do it politically and for the people we’re fighting here. Does not do that either. “

If forced by some outside supporters and lobbyists, the Democratic Party is likely to prioritize Medicaid in winning swing states such as Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, reaching millions of people across the country. It states that it is providing a subsidy for reforming the medical insurance system. Election outlook.

Also, it is Democrats who are threatening the expansion plan I can’t agree continuously For plans to lower drug costs, they expect to fund, at least in part, the expansion of expensive profits.

To make math work, some lawmakers have suggested punting Medicare benefit proposals. Until next year.They can also only include the dental benefits that many claim The most urgent health needs of the three, Or sight and hearing, much cheaper.

“You may see them split,” House Budget Committee John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) Told reporters. “I don’t think [Medicare expansion advocate] Bernie [Sanders] I want to do that. “

Progressivists are bolded by their ability to link the fate of infrastructure bill HR 3684 (117) to social spending packages and are ready to withhold assistance again if Medicare benefits are reduced in future negotiations. It states that there is.

Senate Budget Chairman Sanders called the inclusion of dentistry, vision and hearing “non-negotiable” this week. And Pokan told POLITICO that it was clear that they were taken seriously in the zoom call with the White House.

“They understand that if anyone is willing to put their actual capital there and refrain from our vote, it’s us,” he said.

Progressive is gathering around Medicare, and the reduction of health packages is imminent

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