Problems with Poly Studio E70 and X70

this week, Impressive PolyE70 conference room camera and X70 (Built-in speaker). These are impressive hardware, but at the moment they only work with Zoom (although Teams certification is approaching). Also, due to the lack of interoperability between conferencing platforms, all devices in this class continue to be far more risky purchases than they should be.

Find out why conferencing service providers don’t understand what networking and telecom companies understood more than 30 years ago in connection with this Poly announcement. That is, such things need to be interoperable.

Details of Poly Studio E70 and X70

The E70, which sells for about $ 3,500, and the X70, which sells for about $ 6,000, were separated at birth. The E70 is a standalone version of the X70. (The cameras seem to be borrowed from smartphones that have migrated to multiple cameras to handle the needs and sizes of different meeting rooms.) Both units are twins with digital pan-and-zoom and tracking capabilities. There are cameras (one is a wide-angle camera and the other is a focus camera). Room speakers. The hardware can automatically switch between wide-angle and narrow-angle, depending on the number of speakers in the room.

Poly Studio E70 Poly

Poly Studio E70.

The camera demo demonstrated decent 4K resolution, excellent transitions between modes (fade in and fade out), and pan and zoom that look very fast. These are primarily designed for medium to large conference rooms arranged in a rectangle with the length of the room behind the camera.

I’m not a fan of the off-white E70 because most conference room monitors are black, in contrast to the monitors. The X70’s industrial design is more black / gray and should work better. If the walls are white, the E70 may fade into the background. Against colored walls, it becomes pop — and not an attractive way. (Most of the cameras I test are black or gray and seem to work better in modern offices.)

Ideally, as a platform-independent vendor, Poly should have an advantage because it is in the company’s interest to work on all platforms. Sadly, you can’t.

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Problems with Poly Studio E70 and X70

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