Private Health Insurance: What The Benefits Are For Those In The UK 

When you buy a car or you move into a new property, they are both assets that you want to protect. Understandably, you invest in insurance to protect them from any damages or risks that could potentially happen in the future. With health insurance, many are on the fence about why it would be something that you should invest in.

Private health insurance, or health insurance, is there to use if you require medical treatment in the future, without having to worry about the NHS waiting lists or paying for the cost of treatment.

The UK is fortunate to have the extraordinary services of the NHS available should we require medical assistance in our lives. It allows us access to great care, treatments and services, without having to worry about a large bill at the end of our hospital visit or appointment. Since we do not have this concern about paying off any medical bills, why are people considering investing in private health insurance? The answer, there are numerous benefits with private healthcare, here are a few of them.

Combine Private Healthcare With NHS

Private healthcare is not a replacement for the NHS. Instead, it should be seen as a complimentary service that is used alongside the public healthcare system. This is because most private health insurance will not cover you for chronic conditions, meaning those that can’t be cured. As such, it is important to read about what is covered under each policy before you invest in a health insurance plan.

To get the best quotes for your health insurance, consider the services of firms such as Switch Health. They will scour the policies of different insurance providers to present you with the best private health insurance policy available. They will take into consideration your budget, as well as the services and treatments that you want to be covered, to ensure that you can access exceptional quality treatment as and when it is needed.

Access To Medicine And Specialist Treatments Unavailable On The NHS

Whether it has not been approved by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) or because it is too expensive, there are certain specialist treatments and medicines that not currently available on the NHS. If you were to be a private health insurance policyholder, you have the option to access some of these treatments, should your specialist deem them to be appropriate for you and your condition.

Being a private health insurance holder will mean you have more treatment options to choose from and potentially access life-saving drugs and treatments that not currently available on the NHS.

Privacy During Hospital Stays

Staying in a hospital is not an experience many enjoy. The lack of privacy is certainly one of the top reasons. Having private health insurance will provide you with access to private healthcare and hospitals in the UK. This means that you will receive a private room where you can rest and recover, without the risk of any intrusions. In addition to this, having your private room means that you will not be disturbed by other patients or their visitors, and also your visitors will not disturb other patients. Investing in private health insurance allows you to choose the option of staying in a private hospital or access to a private patient unit with an NHS trust.

Avoid Waiting Times

If having privacy during hospital stays was not a swaying factor, reduced waiting times will certainly be one. Private health insurance allows you the ability to bypass the long NHS waiting lists so you can be treated quickly, for eligible conditions and treatments. If you have comprehensive cover too, then you will have the added benefit from not only being treated faster but also from being diagnosed faster too. This is why selecting the right health insurance policy is important, as the best coverage will cover almost everything following a GP referral.

Choice Over Where and When You Are Treated

There is a very limited choice when it comes to when and where you are treated. With when you are treated, you will often be told a time of your treatment. If you are unable to meet this time or are not able to get to the place, then your other option is delaying the appointment till a time, date and place better suited for you is available.

Being a private health insurance policyholder, you will have a choice over which hospital would like to be treated at and when you would like the treatment to take place. For instance, if you were having a minor operation, then it can be scheduled around any of your existing commitments, which will help you to minimise the disruption this could cause you.

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