Private Dental Care – 4 Reasons It Is a Must Have

It is no surprise that the practice of good dental health forms an important aspect of maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. We are often told that a smile is the best feature a girl or guy can wear so it is only fitting then, that great investments are made to guarantee that this asset is well taken care of.

Simply put, good dental hygiene not only improves your appearance, but also your quality of life. With that being said, it is important to understand the P.R.O.S. of switching to private dental care.

The benefits of this switch are best explained through the acronym PROS. Private dental care provides you with a lower processing or waiting time, diverse range of treatments, options in choosing your dentist, as well as the utilization of specialised equipment. These benefits of private dental care are what set it apart from the NHS dentists that have been employed by the Ministry of Health.


Registering with an NHS dentist has proven to be extremely difficult because of the lengthy waiting time. It is often important and worth the wait for some though. For example, if you are looking for a dentist in Cardiff then spaces are usually booked, however if you do your research you will see why it is worth the wait. Dental surgeries have reported that they have thousands of people on their waiting lists, while patients are unable to access care after ringing round numerous dental surgeries.

Delays in dental treatment pose a threat, in that it presents the possibility of worsening already painful symptoms.

On the contrary however, the issue of a prolonged processing/ waiting time is almost nonexistent within private dental care facilities. Thankfully, private dental care services are not as over- subscribed which makes this an ideal option for individuals who have urgent dental problems and would rather to not have to wait long to see a dentist.


The range of treatment options presents yet another benefit of switching to private dental care. Unlike the dentists within NHS, private dental facilities provide a diverse range of treatments. While the NHS dentistry is designed to only prevent and treat essential dental health problems, private dentists are able to offer diverse treatment to cater to the specific needs of their patient. Rather than just providing general dental care, they also offer non-medical, beautifying, restorative and orthodontic treatments along with facial aesthetics and spa treatments.


Everybody loves having a choice, and this feature is not usually available with NHS dentists. This however is not the case with private surgeries.

One of the major plusses of switching to private dental care are the wide range of options available. Patients are provided with the option of choosing which dentist they would like to see as well as other dentists within the same practice if they are having different types of treatment.

Specialised equipment:

One of the main differences between good dental health and poor dental health, is the type of specialised equipment that is available. Designed with the best technology and equipment, it is no wonder private facilities are the better choice in dental care. Private dental clinics are generally nicer and more modern than NHS locations and they tend to be fitted with the most up to date technology and equipment. The utilisation of sspecialised equipment occupies an essential role in the daily operations of any dental practice.

By switching to a private dental care facility, you are actively choosing a more beneficial way of protecting one of your greatest assets, your teeth.

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