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Priti Patel calls on MPs to stop using “mob rule” և to support new police forces | Political news

Interior Minister Priti Patel will tell lawmakers that “we do not pursue politics through mob rule” as he urges them to support the new Public Order bill.

He is trying to recover the funds he has previously blocked by the House of Lords Within the framework of the Bill on Police, Crime, Punishment և Courts.

These include the introduction of a new offense for obstruction of major transport networks, which provides for a maximum penalty of six months’ imprisonment, an unlimited fine, or both.

Interference with key national infrastructure, such as railways, roads, and printing presses, would also be a criminal offense punishable by up to 12 months in prison, an unlimited fine, or both.

Amnesty International says the interior minister is slandering the peaceful protest with those plans, while Fair Trials says the government “seems to be trying to destroy the right to peaceful protest, not to defend it.”

Opening the second reading of the bill in the House of Commons on Monday, Mrs. Patel He is expected to tell the deputies. “From day one, this government has put the security and interests of the law-abiding majority first … but recently we have witnessed an increase in criminal, disruptive, self-confident tactics. selfish minority.

“Their actions divert police resources from the communities where they are most needed … և we see some parts of the country stopping … This is reprehensible behavior, և I will not tolerate it.”

As part of the bill, the police will also be given the right to actively stop or search for people to confiscate items intended for “lock-up” purposes, such as glue or bamboo structures designed to obstruct the police.

“Locking” tactics, such as protesters clinging to roads or public transport, have been used repeatedly by groups such as Insulate Britain and Just Stop Oil.

The courts will also be given new powers to issue Serious Prevention Orders, which will force those who regularly commit violations to wear an e-tag to ensure that they are not in a specific place where they can commit a “protest crime”. «.

Mrs. Patel will add. “I will not stand, I will not allow anti-social people to continue to cause misery, chaos for others. The Public Order Bill will enable the police to take more active action to protect public rights for their lives. in peace.

“No matter how passionately he believes in a case, we do not pursue politics in this country through mob rule … I will not hold back from supporting the police, defending the law-abiding majority, the Public Order bill does. »:

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But Labor Party shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said the bill “fails in every way.”

He said it was too “broadly drawn” to “punish” passers-by or peaceful protesters.

He said it would be better to secure Labor’s ban on speeding up when life-threatening services are threatened.

“This is a lost opportunity to show a reasonable approach; everything goes wrong.

“The interior minister is simply processing the large-scale measures of the police bill, which have already been rejected by the parliament.

“Tomorrow we must have the long-awaited second reading of the Bill on Victims through measures to combat the rise of crime and the decline of persecution. Instead, the Minister of the Interior is disappointing everyone.”

Amnesty International’s UK’s director of government and affairs, Alan Hogart, called it “outrageous” for Patel to call the peaceful protesters “a mob”.

Pro-democracy protesters held up a poster during a protest rally calling for the release of political prisoners on Chinese National Day in Hong Kong, China, on October 1, 2021. REUTERS / Tyrone Siu:
The demonstrations in Hong Kong were welcomed by the British government

“At a time when protesters in places like Moscow or Hong Kong are being hailed for their courage, including by members of our government, it is incredibly oppressive that Priti Patel is pushing for these repressive laws.”

The executive director of the “Fair Trial” group Norman Reimer said about the recent proposals of the Minister of Internal Affairs. “By restoring the plans that have already been rejected by the British parliamentarians, the UK government is apparently going to destroy the right to peaceful protest, not: defending it. “

At the same time, Extinction Rebellion (XR) has already announced that it intends to “take millions to the streets” in response to the new bill, after it was announced in the Queen’s speech earlier this month.

Priti Patel calls on MPs to stop using “mob rule” և to support new police forces | Political news

Source Priti Patel calls on MPs to stop using “mob rule” և to support new police forces | Political news

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