Prior to this week’s double mastectomy, Victoria Ecanoe “she is as alive as possible.”

Victoria Ekanoye has provided updates on her health and is preparing for a mastectomy later this week, so she says she is “alive as much as possible.”

40 years old last month Catastrophically talked about how she was diagnosed with breast cancer And you will be undergoing the procedure.

Rebel Coronation Street Stars are currently open exclusively understood!online She is preparing for surgery on Friday.

At The Mirror People’s Pet Awards, Victoria said: “Since the surgery is Friday, I’ve been living as much as I can until then.

Victoria Ekanoye states that she is “alive as much as possible” before the double mastectomy.

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“I’m not without it after that, but I’ll be leaving for a while.

“I’m just trying to do what I can, helping with philanthropy and enjoying life.”

Victoria also told us how she spends her first Christmas with her 11-month-old baby son Theodor.

Victoria will have her double mastectomy this Friday

Victoria was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 months after the birth of her son Theodor

She said: “We’re going to spoil him as much as possible. He doesn’t really care, so I thought about putting together the presents he already had.

“He’s very happy. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to see him tear the paper.

“can not believe it [will be his first Christmas]!! He will be alone in January, but it’s angry. “

Victoria says he wants to be around “forever” for his 11-month-old son Theodor

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Victoria opened OK about her cancer diagnosis! Last month, he said of his next strategy:

“But I’m scared because I know there are risks to surgery. I have a little boy. I want to make sure I’m here for him.”

She continued, discussing how Theo could overcome difficult moments. “He is the cutest, sweetest little thing.

“He’s growing so fast, he’s so progressing, and he’s blowing our hearts away. A little moment with him … I think it’s bittersweet.

“I am very grateful. Not everyone has such a positive thing. He is like my little guardian angel, with my head on the water.”

The Mirror People’s Pet Award will premiere on YouTube on December 14th at 7pm in partnership with Dogs Trust and Webbox.

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Prior to this week's double mastectomy, Victoria Ecanoe "she is as alive as possible."

Source link Prior to this week's double mastectomy, Victoria Ecanoe "she is as alive as possible."

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