Prince Harry says it is “unsafe” for the family to return to the UK because he threatens to take legal action.

Prince Harry’s The lawyer wrote a “pre-procedural protocol” letter to the Interior Ministry, suggesting that he would seek judicial review if continued police security was not provided by the United Kingdom when they were in the country, and the lawyer said he would. He said he would be happy to pay.

If the case progresses between the Minister and the Duke of Sussex, a battle in the High Court may occur.

Harry, who resigned from royal duties two years ago, was stripped of 24-hour protection, so his private protection team in the United States said his wife Megan Markle and his children, Archie and Lillibet, when in the countryside. It’s safe.

I understand Queen In a photo of the behavior threatened by her grandson, this is believed to be the first case in which a member of the royal family filed a proceeding against His Majesty’s government.

Prince Harry’s lawyer reportedly wrote a “pre-action protocol” letter to the Interior Ministry, suggesting that Britain would seek judicial review if it did not provide ongoing police security.

Sources said Sunday email: “In a nutshell, Harry’s allegations are: He feels the decision to remove his security was wrong. The pre-action protocol was written by Harry’s lawyer a few months ago. It was sent to the Ministry of Interior. This is essentially a precursor to judicial review. ”

When Harry returned to the UK last July Statue of Princess Diana He was not under police protection, but was greeted at Heathrow by a Scotland Yard officer when he returned last April. Prince Phillip’s Funeral.

Sources continued. “He was given safety when Harry returned for Prince Phillip’s funeral last April, but when he returned in the summer, he wasn’t.”

Prince Harry’s lawyer issued a complete statement as the proceedings news broke.

The statement states: “Prince Harry inherited safety risks at birth throughout his life. He remains sixth in succession to the throne, engages in two combat missions in Afghanistan, and in recent years his family has been well documented. It is under threat from the transformed neo-Nazis and radicals.

“His role in the facility has changed, but his profile as a member of the royal family has not changed. There is no threat to him and his family.”

The statement goes on to say: “The Duke of Sussex and the Duchess personally fund a private security team for their families, but that security cannot reproduce the police protection needed while in the UK.

Prince Harry received police protection when he returned to England last April for Prince Phillip’s funeral.

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“Without such protection, Prince Harry and his family would not be able to return to his home.

“Duke first offered to pay personally for the protection of British police for himself and his family in Sandringham in January 2020.

“The offer was rejected. He is willing to bear the cost of security so as not to impose on UK taxpayers.

“As is widely known, other people who quit public office and are at risk of inherent threats receive police protection at no cost to them.

“Prince Harry’s goal was simple: to ensure the safety of himself and his family while in the UK and to allow his children to know his homeland.

Prince Harry is said to have been unprotected after the statue of Princess Diana, her mother, who died in Britain, was unveiled in July.

“The last time I visited Britain to present a statue in honor of my mother, who died in July 2021, his safety was jeopardized by the lack of police protection while leaving the charity event. After another attempt at negotiations was rejected, he sought a judicial review in September 2021 and challenged the decisions behind the security procedure.

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“The UK has always been Prince Harry’s hometown, a country where he wants to keep his wife and children safe. Without police protection, the personal risk is too great.”

The statement concludes: “Prince Harry hopes his petition will resolve this situation after nearly two years of petition for security in Britain, due to a leak in the British tabloid. I feel that we need to make a statement that clarifies the facts because of the secret timing. “

understood! I contacted Prince Harry’s representative for further comments.

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Prince Harry says it is "unsafe" for the family to return to the UK because he threatens to take legal action.

Source link Prince Harry says it is "unsafe" for the family to return to the UK because he threatens to take legal action.

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