Prince Harry joins Dutch king in Invictus final after Duke’s night with friends at Irish pub | UK News

Prince Harry teamed up with the Dutch king to cheer on athletes at the Invictus Games – after descending into an Irish pub with friends the night before.

King Willem-Alexander came to mind when the pair watched the wheelchair basketball final between the US and the Netherlands, in which America claimed a convincing win.

Friday was the last match day at the event for injured service personnel.

In his closing speech in The Hague, the prince said that many athletes would have killed themselves if the sporting event had not taken place.

The matches were played in The Hague. Photo: AP
Photo: AP
Harry presented British athletes with the bronze. Photo: AP

“From interviews Invictus did this week about the park, and as some of you have personally shared with me, many would have taken their own lives if it were not for these games,” he said.

“You have made the choice to be here, to stay with us, to grow with us, and I can not explain how much it means to me and how much you all mean to us. So thank you.

“This is a blueprint of what the wider world needs today – the power of resilience, the power of healing and the power of restoration.

“So if, or when, you feel alone, please know that you are not alone. This community is with you. We are all with you …”

On Thursday night, Harry and friends visited O’Casey’s Irish Pub in The Hague, but the owner said the prince limited himself to one pint of Guinness.

John Gulay, 51, said Harry insisted, “I stick to one pint and then I’ll switch to lemonade” – and suggested that a round of tequila he was offered be given to other drinkers.

The prince was in the pub beer garden for about half an hour before going somewhere else for dinner.

Mr Gulay described Harry as a “really nice guy” and said he took care of the tab for the royal.

“They offer to pay, but I said I’m really glad you were here and the Invictus Games were so good for the pub this week,” he said.

Meghan accompanied Harry to the games earlier this week

The prince’s trip to the Netherlands comes in the same week his interview with US TV made headlines.

Harry told NBC that he felt the accompaniment of his mother Diana “more than ever before”.

“It’s almost like she’s done it with my brother and now she’s very much back to help me. Has set him up, now she’s helping me set up. That’s how it feels,” said the prince.

However, he was criticized by some for not committing to the Queen’s anniversary party this summer because of “security issues and everything else”.

He said he came to his grandmother – who was “in great shape” – and that he wanted to make sure she was “protected” and had the “right people around her.”. It was not clear what the prince was aiming for.

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Prince Harry joins Dutch king in Invictus final after Duke’s night with friends at Irish pub | UK News

Source link Prince Harry joins Dutch king in Invictus final after Duke’s night with friends at Irish pub | UK News

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