Prince Charles “will appear on a new reality show”

Prince Charles He will make his reality debut on Monday, January 31st for a cameo appearance on the ITV show Keeping Up with the Aristocrats.

The Prince of Wales (73) filmed the scene while attending the Great Yorkshire Show in July 2021 and chatted with cast member Gerald Fitzeran Howard (59) about plans to buy cattle at the event. Will be introduced at the show.

The Daily mail I shared a clip of the next episode featuring Charles.

Prince Charles can be seen on a sunny day wearing a light-colored suit with a multi-colored striped tie and tortoiseshell sunglasses to look smart for the event.

Prince Charles is set to appear in an episode of catching up with aristocrats

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Charles begins a conversation with Gerald and asks, “Are you trying to buy?”

Gerald replies: Of course I am. “

The pair begins a discussion about cow breeds. Some of them sell for £ 1,000 per head.

The prince then asks: “Shorthorn. Are you a shorthorn man?”

Gerald replies: “I’m trying to be a longhorn guy. I’m a shorthorn, a longhorn, I’m not sure.”

Prince Charles chats with the cast about cow breeds
Prince Charles chats with the cast about cow breeds

Charles commented: “They are great cows. Where do you put them?”

The four fathers replied: In a place called Carlton Towers, we are trying to build a flock. “

Charles’ successor to the throne said: But it’s great because they just do it themselves. “

Gerald agrees to say, “That’s right, thank you very much.”

After that, the prince goes on and Gerald appears happy with the encounter with the royal family.

The new three-part series follows the lives of four aristocratic families
The prince will make a cameo appearance in a new episode of catching up with the aristocrats

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Gerald’s wife Lady Emma can also be seen enjoying the seal of royal approval. She states: Wow. What was the chance of that happening? He realized that you look tough. The man is summer. Linen suit. I absolutely love it. It literally made my day. “

She previously mentioned that one of the animal “bootees” was likened to Kim Kardashian’s.

The ITV show Keeping Up with the Aristocrats provides viewers with insights into the lives of the wealthiest families in the UK and explores their efforts to earn a living and stay at the top of society.

Members of the royal family will appear in a series that includes their cousin Princess Olga Romanov. Queen Relatives with Prince phillipIn a previous episode, she revealed that she was once considered a qualified match for Prince Charles.

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Prince Charles "will appear on a new reality show"

Source link Prince Charles "will appear on a new reality show"

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