Prince Charles released the 2021 Christmas card to help his wife Camilla adjust her face mask.

Prince Charles When Camilla The official Christmas card for 2021 has been released. This captures the sweet moments between couples who find it very suitable for the times.

A photo taken at Royal Ascot in June shows a heir to the throne helping his wife’s face mask during the race.

The royal family sends congratulatory cards to family, friends, staff and world leaders each year. Prince William and his wife Kate reveal a family Christmas card, Taken in Jordan earlier this week.

On their Christmas card, Prince Charles looks smart in a gray three-piece suit. He combines it with a white shirt, a lavender tie and a lilac pocket square.

The Duchess of Cornwall also looks stylish and wears an embroidered cream dress with a matching hat.

Prince Charles can be seen helping the couple with Camilla’s mask on the 2021 Christmas card

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The photo shows Charles, already wearing a black face mask, gently reaching out to help his wife fix the mask behind her ears.

It was after the couple issued a message earlier this week, encouraging people to get vaccinated.

“One year after the first COVID-19 vaccination, more than 100 million vaccinations are the greatest tribute to the amazing ingenuity and determination of all involved,” Charles and Camilla said. Said in the message announced on the day. December.

“We can give our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to all the scientists, volunteers and workers throughout the NHS who have helped bring about this extraordinary achievement.

Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall recently urged people to get the Covid vaccine

“And you can encourage anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated yet or is hesitant before getting a booster to see the evidence in the intensive care unit and listen to the people who work there. ..

“People who are not vaccinated can be hospitalized or die at least 10 times more than those who have been vaccinated twice, so everyone is vaccinated, as we did ourselves. And encourages booster immunization. “

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess also shared an annual Christmas card this week featuring the children of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Cambridge released its annual Christmas card this week

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Prince William When Kate Middleton, Both 39 years old, surrounded by adorable children George (8 years old), Charlotte (6 years old) and Louis (3 years old), wearing summer clothes for a heartwarming photo taken during a half-year vacation to Jordan wearing.

The Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess shared their portraits with 13.1 million Instagram followers, “I’m happy to share new images of the family on this Christmas card.”

In a beautiful portrait, Charlotte is wearing a blue gingham check dress with her brother George in a khaki camouflage polo shirt, the pair is sitting in red chairs on either side of their parents, and a little Louis is in front of them. I’m sitting

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Prince Charles released the 2021 Christmas card to help his wife Camilla adjust her face mask.

Source link Prince Charles released the 2021 Christmas card to help his wife Camilla adjust her face mask.

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