Prince Charles’ best friend Joanna Lumley accuses Crown of “everything is made up”

Joanna Lumley Hit NetflixHit show crown Because she named it “garbage”.

75 years old, best known for playing the role of Patsy Stone Absolutely wonderfulSharing her sympathy for the cast of the program, she said she did not believe that the royal family had “never seen it.”

Crown will appear in the fifth series, starring Richard Cordery (71), who plays Marmaduke Hussey (then chairman of the BBC’s board of directors), and Elizabeth Debicki (31), Princess Diana.

Best friend of actress Joanna Prince Charles, 73, and attended his wedding Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 74, said: “I don’t think they think [the Royal Family] Seeing it, I never see it.

Joanna Lumley accuses Netflix show The Crown of being “garbage”

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“I know them, so I know it’s all made up and garbage. All the poor actors doing their best to copy them, it’s terrible.”

Joanna continued. “Imagine someone having the conversation you think you had.

“It’s so funny. They used the real people they copied and then made up all the conversations. It’s insane.”

Joanna said she sympathizes with the actor who has to act “made up the conversation.”

Netflix was repulsed last year by a scene aired around Princess Diana (25 years old) played by Emma Corrin and Prince Charles (31 years old) played by Josh O’Connor. I made a statement explaining that it was a work.

“We are confident that our members understand that it is a work of fiction that is broadly based on historical events,” they shared.

Joanna isn’t the only one avoiding the series Prince William The BBC is reportedly dissatisfied with the filming in collaboration with the streaming giant. A scene depicting the aftermath of a 1995 panoramic interview with Martin Bashir on his late mother.

Prince William is reportedly angry with the BBC working with Netflix for The Crown.

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Broadcast giant Telegraph They allowed the show to film a scene depicting an event following an infamous interview outside London’s New Broadcasting House.

The publication was recently William, 39, He and the royal family are reportedly able to sue Netflix over the crown.Is deeply dissatisfied with the BBC’s support for “continuing to make money” on Netflix shows.

Source also said Sun: “It’s unbelievable that the BBC will allow Netflix to shoot their property during a major battle between William and the royal family over documentary.

Martin Bashir interviewed Princess Diana at Kensington Palace for a panorama in 1995

“The BBC and Netflix are working together to do one thing William doesn’t want, to dramatize a panoramic interview that’s part of his life that he said he didn’t want to revisit. . “

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Prince Charles' best friend Joanna Lumley accuses Crown of "everything is made up"

Source link Prince Charles' best friend Joanna Lumley accuses Crown of "everything is made up"

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