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Prince Andrew’s lawyer wants to interview Virginia Robert’s husband after the Duke claims that he “may suffer from false memory.”UK news

Prince Andrew’s lawyer wants to interview Virginia Jufre’s husband and her psychologist about her allegations of sexual abuse after the royal family suggests that she may suffer from “false memory.” increase.

The Duke of York The legal team is seeking permission to submit evidence under Robert Giuffre’s oath, saying he is likely to have information about his wife’s “suspicion of emotional and psychological harm.” I am.

Andrew’s lawyer also wants to ask Jufre about his relationship with his wife. Jeffrey Epstein When Ghislaine Maxwell And Ms. Juffre claimed to have had a “role of recruiting underage girls” for Epstein’s sexual trafficking program.

Why the judge refused Prince Andrew’s bid to dismiss the proceedings

Virginia Robert accuses Prince Andrew of sexual abuse

Andrew’s lawyer Melissa Lerner said in Thailand when Jufre attended a massage training course and “recruited one or more women to engage in sexual activity for Jeffrey Epstein, who funded the trip.” It is said that he met his wife.

Andrew’s legal team states that she has “related information” about her “abuse by Epstein and Maxwell, childhood abuse and trauma, and allegations of emotional and psychological harm and damage,” so Ms. Jufre. An interview with psychologist Dr. Judith Wrightfoot was also requested. ..

“Dr. Wrightfoot’s record (or lack of it), which reflects (Andrew’s) allegations against (Andrew), is related to his defense preparation for the trial,” Lerner wrote.

Andrew’s lawyer is seeking evidence from Australia’s Giuffre and Dr. Lightfoot (both residents) by April 29.

The latest court document contains a summary of Andrew’s defense, “false” because Mr. Robert claims that “the alleged assault on her has changed over the years.” May suffer from memory. “

Prince Andrew painted in 2019 in his role as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards
Prince Andrew was robbed of his prestigious military title

Andrew also claims that Ms. Jufre’s decision to identify her and participate in media interviews “contributed to the mental distress and invasion of privacy that she claims to be suffering.”

Andrew “completely” denied Ms. Juffre’s accusations, and according to his defense summary, she was trafficked by Epstein “to deviate from her own participation” in the financial trafficking program. Claims to have been bought and sold.

This includes recruiting young women “to become Epstein’s sexual partners,” at least one of whom is only 14 years old, the Duke’s lawyer claims.

It comes after Ms Giuffre’s lawyer I searched for a witness account From Andrew’s former assistant Robert Olney and a woman named Shukuri Walker who claims to have seen the royal family “with a young girl” at a Trump nightclub in London.

According to a document submitted by Jufre’s legal team, Olney’s name appears in Jeffrey Epstein’s phone book, “Duke of York.”

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Charles avoids Andrew’s question

They say this means that Mr. Olney is likely to have relevant information about Andrew’s trip to Epstein’s assets during the relevant period.

According to the document, Ms. Walker saw Andrew “with a young girl after (Ms. Jufre) visited the Trump Nightclub, when Prince Andrew claimed to have abused her in London.”

The Duke will face a civil trial later this year Judge Kaplan rejected his attempt to destroy the case..

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Ms. Jeffrey sued Andrew in the United States for sexually assaulting her as a teenager and claimed to have been trafficked by Andrew’s friend Epstein, a sex offender, and had sex with the Duke at the age of 17. doing.

Andrew violently denied the claim.

Following the judge’s decision to allow the proceedings of a civil trial, the Queen Stripped all of Andrew’s military titles and royal patronage -And it was announced that he would no longer take the style of “His Highness”.

in the meantime, Maxwell will be sentenced at the end of June After being convicted of recruiting a minor girl to be sexually abused by her ex-boyfriend Epstein, who committed suicide in 2019 while awaiting trial on sexual trafficking charges.

Prince Andrew’s lawyer wants to interview Virginia Robert’s husband after the Duke claims that he “may suffer from false memory.”UK news

Source Prince Andrew’s lawyer wants to interview Virginia Robert’s husband after the Duke claims that he “may suffer from false memory.”UK news

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