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Preventing Modern Slavery and Trafficking in Romania through Digital Communications Campaigns: Calling for Bids

The deadline for submitting project bids is September 28, 2021.

1. Background

The UK is looking for project proposals to help prevent modern slavery and trafficking (MSHT) In Romania through a digital communications campaign. This project is part of a broader UK Embassy project portfolio aimed at helping the Romanian government and civil society reduce the driving force of serious and organized crime (SOC) And the ability of organized crime groups to exploit vulnerabilities and retraffic MSHT Victim.

addressing MSHT When SOC Crime networks do not know borders and require international cooperation. This is a priority for the Government of the United Kingdom and the British Embassy Bucharest, as Romania is the country of origin, transit and destination of trafficking. In 2020 alone, the UK referral mechanism registered 368 Romanian victims. The proposal should focus on delivery in Romania.

Earlier awareness campaigns focused on awareness raising, but did not use communication methods that could directly target these audiences, thus targeting the most vulnerable young people and young people at risk of trafficking. It wasn’t always reached. Traffickers know to use digital tools to reach and target potential victims. Therefore, use digital tools to launch anti-trafficking campaigns aimed at providing information to protect and identify risks by focusing on connecting with the most endangered people. Need to be adjusted. , Rather than raising general awareness.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this project is to work with the Romanian government and civil society. MSHT Reduce drivers SOC The ability of organized crime groups to exploit vulnerabilities.

The main objectives are vulnerable to trafficking risks (including early signs of abuse that may precede trafficking) and what can be done to protect themselves from trafficking using digital tools. Inform the individual. Target the most vulnerable ones.

3. Working range

The project needs to be deployed nationwide, especially targeting vulnerable individuals through online tools.

4. Activities

Activities funded under this project include:

  • Design campaigns to raise awareness of trafficking signs and how to protect yourself from trafficking for younger viewers
  • Provide relationship education and help teenagers recognize signs of operational / abusive or coercive relationships to reduce trafficking practices in “lover boys”
  • Run communication campaigns aimed at raising awareness about trafficking, using algorithms and digital marketing tools, the youngest in the most risky population statistics, and the most commonly used social by the target age group. Target media platforms
  • Amplify communication messages with online influencers

This is not a complete list, and the British Embassy welcomes innovative proposals from potential implementation partners, who propose additional or alternative activities to achieve their primary objectives.

5. Project approach

Bidder is approved by the British Embassy Bucharest and is required to submit a project proposal that underlies the project plan. The proposal should explain how the implementation partner uses the implementation plan and support budget to provide activities to support the above objectives. The British Embassy Bucharest oversees the project plan and provides the implementers with the necessary contact information.

Project implementers are expected to manage project logistics, including travel planning, accommodation, car employment, etc., and consider the pandemic situation and its potential impact on project implementation when submitting bids. Will be done.

The embassy can provide contacts and focal points to UK agencies and professionals who may be needed in the process.

Bid method

Our process consists of a one-step, complete bid proposal. The form must be completed in English.

Must be submitted:

The activity base budget should list the activities required to provide the outcome of the project and all costs should be Romanian leu (RON).

The deadline for submitting project bids is September 28, 2021.

Email the completed form rsvp.bucharest@fcdo.gov.uk When andrada.petrache@fcdo.gov.uk..

The subject of the email should include the name of the implementing organization and the title of the project.

6. Report

The reports produced during the course of this project will be delivered in English.

  • Starting note detailing specific aspects of the approach and the activities pursued, including the communication plan
  • Draft report
  • 3 months financial report
  • Final report according to the accelerated process of comments

7. Project team composition

The project director of BE Bucharest (Tanya Collingridge, Deputy Chief of Mission) and the project manager of the British Embassy Bucharest (Andrada Petrache, Senior Political Commissar) will oversee the implementation of the project.

Project proposals need to demonstrate that the level of staff is appropriate for the purpose of the project and that the staff has relevant expertise and experience. MSHT Victim support, and MSHT Romanian situation.

8. Input timing and range

The bidding round is an open and competitive process evaluated by the British Embassy in Bucharest. Results will be published by early October. If the bid is approved, a grant agreement will be signed with the winning bidder. The documentation section has an example of a grant agreement. Your organization is expected to sign the contract within a week of being awarded the funds. Otherwise, the funds will be reassigned. The implementing organization must submit report updates and a final evaluation of the project.

There is no prepayment. The refund will be completed once the activity has been performed and all receipts have been submitted. The executing agency uses invoices (including receipts and financial reports of expenses) to request repayments, which will be carried out between the dates agreed in their respective contracts.

The budget must be presented in RON. All payments will be made in RON to a bank account held in Romania.

If you have any questions regarding bid recruitment, please contact us. rsvp.bucharest@fcdo.gov.uk When andrada.petrache@fcdo.gov.uk..

The project is scheduled to run from October 2021 to February 2022. An important milestone is the submission of the draft report (February 2022) and the final report (March 2022).

9. Budget

The grant application must include an estimated budget of up to RON97,142. Depending on the quality of the proposal, the British Embassy reserves the right not to grant all or part of the available funds. The embassy also reserves the right to grant less than the amount requested by the applicant. In such cases, the applicant will be asked to increase the cofinancing amount, propose another cofinancing instrument, or reduce the total cost without changing the content of the proposal.

Preventing Modern Slavery and Trafficking in Romania through Digital Communications Campaigns: Calling for Bids

SourcePreventing Modern Slavery and Trafficking in Romania through Digital Communications Campaigns: Calling for Bids

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