Prescribing financial advice to patients with long-term conditions GP | Health

The GP is to prescribe a financial advice session for patients as part of a pilot scheme to help people in long-term health.

Under the scheme of London In the Lambeth and Sutherk Autonomous Regions, doctors send patients to meet financially-supported link workers to help them claim benefits, get essential item subsidies and handle debt. ..

The group behind the program, the Center for Urban Health Impacts and Responsible Credit, Report There is a “interrelationship” between financial health and multiple long-term health conditions, and those who have formed health policies should have a “much broader” view of public health.

Keeron Boyle, Group’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “People’s finances and health are related. Debt, financial worries, and financial instability can have serious implications for our physical and mental health.

“This is especially true at” cliff “moments such as unexpected billing and late income.

“As a result, we are proud to support the UK’s first social prescribing model, including debt advice that brings together local governments, building-and-loans and healthcare providers. This approach has the potential to spread to cities across the country. I think there is. “

The scheme, called the Financial Shield, will be tested on 2,000 people in Lambeth and Southwark until September 2022. Pilots include cost-benefit analysis to measure results and independent reviews to facilitate nationwide expansion.

The Southwark and Lambeth GPs identify working-age patients with both long-term health and financial concerns and send them text messages to provide support. Doctor’s surgery displays posters and leaflets to help explain new services to patients.

Paul Maynard, a member of the Blackpool North and Cleveleys, said: “My members are disproportionately populated in households with long-term health. Now we are tackling the debt crisis more than ever and prioritizing the well-being of the British people. is needed.

“This project provides a case study in London and could significantly change the way debt and health are treated across the UK in the long run.”

Sangeeta Leahy, director of public health at the Southwark Council, said: “”We know that financial problems can adversely affect people’s health and that someone’s health can affect their financial situation. Therefore, the breathing space and other support provided by Financial Shield is extremely welcomed, people’s situation, stress level, and in turn their health and well-being. “

Prescribing financial advice to patients with long-term conditions GP | Health

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