Pregnant Olivia Bowen, 28, confuses fans when playing the first game of Scrabble

There are some board games that contain certain magic when you play for the first time.

You may remember your first quarrel with your relatives while playing Monopoly. When it comes to playing Scrabble, you can forget about the first shake of the green bag with the tiled letters.

That thrill was old Love island Contestants Olivia Bowen Experienced at the age of 28 when the star enjoyed her first game of Scrabble.

Reality star, Who is expecting her first babyPosted a hilarious Instagram story of a tense match with a 30-year-old husband Alex Bowen..

Both couples were tied together as they shared the latest information on their match and laughed at the reaction of the “Scrabble Police”.

Olivia vowed never to play again for “Scrabble Police”

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Olivia posted a photo of the board to her 2.7 million followers.

She captioned them as follows:

Love Island stars, like any other family, continued their shared experience during the festival.

The pair revealed that they were the first to play a word game

However, fans of the eagle eyes of the husband and wife duo noticed that they used transparent tiles as the space between the two words.

The rules suggest that the clear letters are for the random letters they choose, and very beloved board game fans quickly pointed out that.

Olivia shared the criticism they were clearly receiving.

Blonde beauty, I got a glimpse of a lodge in the Lake District where she celebrated her 28th birthday, Admitted: “I don’t think I and Alex will play Scrabble again because we were virtually arrested by the Scrabble police.”

Olivia was keen to celebrate her debut victory

Olivia Bowen scrabbles for the first time with her husband Alex

The couple got engaged just months after they met at a date show, and Alex kneeled during Olivia’s birthday trip to New York.two We announced exciting baby news on New Year’s Day.

Mom laughed. “I’m actually dying. I thought the space was a space, but it’s just another letter. It must be a space where someone can contact and inform Scrabble.”

Both Bowen saw the funny side of their healthy night, “We both lost it with this. There is no such thing as harmless fun,” Olivia writes.

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Pregnant Olivia Bowen, 28, confuses fans when playing the first game of Scrabble

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