Pregnant Marian Anderson shares “final” bump photos before childbirth

Marian Anderson She shared a “final” photo of her bump as she was preparing to welcome her second child.

Love island Star Marine, 29, will have her second child shortly after announcing her pregnancy in August.

And before welcoming her little girl to the world, Marin shared a gorgeous final photo of her bump.

In the image, Marin is wearing a vest top. The top of the vest was raised to show a shining bump in her glory.

Marian Anderson is waiting for the birth of her second child

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Marine, Recently, he sent a heartbreaking compliment to his deceased daughter, Concy. Then shared her excitement before welcoming her second child in the caption.

She writes: “MY FINAL BUMPPIC !!”

Pregnant Marin asked 740,000 followers, “When did your baby arrive? Did you clean it? Was it on time?”

She then invited her followers to share in the comments, admitting, “I need some interesting reading right now!”

Love Island Star Marine shared her "Final bump photo" Before welcoming her foetation
Love Island star Marin shared her “last bump photo” before welcoming her unborn daughter.

Marian Anderson announced her pregnancy in August
Marian Anderson announced her pregnancy in August

Marin expects her second child, but will be the first child with her boyfriend Jared, who is away from the spotlight.

The beauty of Love Island was friends with Jared for five years before the romance blossomed. And despite keeping their relationship secret, Marin described her man as “not only my best friend, but my love.”

She announced her pregnancy two years after her tragic loss of her daughter, Consie.

Marin’s first child was born seven weeks early and died tragically in a month.

Marian Anderson is her late daughter Concy "protection" Her foetation
Marian Anderson said his deceased daughter, Consie, is “protecting” the foetation.

Talking about expecting her second child, Marin admitted understood!: “It feels surreal to get pregnant again, but I spend my time slowly every day and really enjoy and accept the moments and milestones. I really love the changes in my body. It’s the” home “. I feel like. “

Earlier this month, Marin shared a moving post on Instagram. He said there that his deceased daughter was “protecting” the foetation.

The image shows a smiling marine in gray leggings and a black bra top looking up at the sky while standing outside.

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She then followed the caption, “I know she’s coming soon, so I’m staring at the sky with a big smile on my face. The person above is protecting her all the time,” the love heart emoji said. Continue.

Marin also mentioned in a moving post about her deceased parents. Love Island also tragically lost her mother, Conci Gloria, after she died in November 2017 at the age of 65 in the fight against her stomach cancer. Meanwhile, Marin’s father died of skin cancer 26 years ago.

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Pregnant Marian Anderson shares "final" bump photos before childbirth

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