Pregnant Marian Anderson celebrates reaching maturity before baby shower

‘Hooray! ‘Pregnant Marian Anderson celebrates reaching maturity with a snap in lingerie while preparing to celebrate a baby shower

She is waiting for her boyfriend Jared and her daughter to arrive someday.

When Marian AndersonThe 29-year-old was shining when he celebrated reaching “maturity” during pregnancy in an uplifting post shared on social media on Saturday.

former Love island The star proudly displayed the bumps in front of the baby shower and posed in his underwear as he laughed loudly at the camera.

“IMADE IT !!!”: Pregnant Marian Anderson, 29, celebrated Saturday because she proudly showed off her maturity bumps before the baby shower.

Marin had a fresh face, raised a sign of peace wearing a black two-piece set, and looked brilliant, centered on the blooming ridges.

Alongside the sweet snaps, a distinctly uplifting star wrote with a pen:’I MADE IT !!! I have a maturity of 37 weeks. And my baby shower is today. “

Reality television was very energetic when she revealed that she had reached a milestone before a special day.

This is because Marin admitted that her “nerves” began to move as the deadline approached, and paid tribute to her late daughter Concy about what her third birthday was.

Uplifting: With a sweet snap, she wrote:’I made it !!! I have a maturity, 37 weeks .. and my baby shower is today. “

Marin shared her own black-and-white snap hugging a growing baby bump on Instagram on Wednesday, and when she talked about how she lived at that moment, her “magical” I looked back on “Christmas”.

She writes:’I haven’t posted here for almost a week-why my heart is so full …

“I had the most magical Christmas. I don’t think there was such a Christmas because I had a mother. I didn’t want to use my cell phone and I didn’t want to see it. I just wanted to live at that moment. ”

Almost there: This happens when Marin admits that her “nerves” have begun to move as the due date approaches.

The star then turned to her daughter’s next childbirth, and Marin admitted that she was nervous as the weeks went by.

She explained:

“Her deadline is approaching .. and so is my nerves. Any advice for the last week of a pregnant man? Help.’

Her loyal fans quickly flooded her post with messages of support, tips and advice for pregnant mothers.

Tragic: Only a few days after paying homage to his late daughter, Concy, who celebrated her third birthday last week.


Pregnant Marian Anderson celebrates reaching maturity before baby shower

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