Pregnant Lucy Mecklenberg takes an ultrasound scan and takes a picture of herself

Lucy Mecklenberg In her recent scan video, I asked fans to take a closer look at her pregnancy journey.

The 30-year-old reality star is hoping for her fiancé’s second child, so she has shown her next stage to her Instagram followers. Ryan Thomas..

Lucy has made an appointment with Kara, known as an Instagram midwife with nearly 30,000 followers.

The expecting mom took both sweet snaps, appearing to be smiling under the face mask.

The star, who regularly posts fitness content to 1.7 million followers, has a 19-month-old son called Roman. Collie actor Ryan Thomas, 37.

Reality star expects actor Ryan Tomas and her second child

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Cute couple keeps looping fans with the next baby Excitedly shared the first scan of New Year’s Day on New Year’s Day..

To celebrate the dawn of 2022, the former TOWIE The star posed with a photo of her growing uplift accompanied by a scan of her first baby in the New Year.

She wrote in the photo, “The best first photo of 2022. I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t overjoyed to get the Scan app at 9am on January 1st, but it was awake anyway. Let’s face the toddler who wasn’t. “I’m about to get a hangover. ”

Lucy Mecklenberg kept her fans up to date with a photo of her baby scan

Mom continued. “I found it to be the most special gift for the New Year. I know my baby is healthy, growing and safe in the tummy.”

Before Christmas, a popular couple went on a trip Son Roman and Abu Dhabi, The family spent a wild time visiting zoos and water parks, and her bumps were fully exhibited.

Celebrity duo announced happy news of their new arrival Last November. At the time, Lucy shared a lovely family photo of her, Ryan, and Baby Roman with the caption “I’m going again.”

Lucy Mecklenberg embraced baby bumps in affordable maternity wear

Ryan asked Lucy to have been dating since 2017 after the pair caught each other’s eyes on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls.

After two years of dating, Ryan asked questions while on vacation in Positano, Italy.

But the reaction to the big suggestion wasn’t traditional, with previous reality show stars turning into fitness influencers.

In an interview with OK! , Ryan Cheerfully said to us: “Lucy made me wait before she said yes … and she threw!”

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Pregnant Lucy Mecklenberg takes an ultrasound scan and takes a picture of herself

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