Pregnant Lucy Mecklenberg hugs her poor son Rome after rushing him to the doctor

Lucy Mecklenberg Revealed on Instagram that he took his son Roman to the GP. There she learned that a little boy was suffering from an ear and urine infection.

Lucy, who is now pregnant with her second child, was worried that Roman might have been sleepy for the past few days, so she went straight to the GP to see him.

Her instinct was right, and the infant has an ear and urine infection that needs antibiotics to clean it.

Lucy explains: He’s been so sleepy for the last three days, so I wanted him to check to make sure it wasn’t serious. Baba with bad ear and urine infections! “

“I’m very happy that I don’t have to spend the night at A & E. Antibiotics and hugs.”

Lucy Mecklenberg revealed on Instagram that she took her son Roman to a general practitioner.

It comes after a little Roman made a terrifying dash to the hospital in September.

Former TOWIE star Lucy revealed details of her hospitalization in Rome and described it as her “worst nightmare.”

Lucy, 30, discovered a Roman “blue in a crib,” and the baggage was taken to St Mary’s Hospital in London, admitted to the intensive care unit, and fitted with a ventilator.

Romans Lucy shares with her fiancé Ryan Thomas Diagnosed as “virus-induced wheezing” and currently requires an inhaler twice daily. Thankfully, Roman was discharged to recover at home only a few days later.

Lucy Mecklenberg’s son Roman was taken to the hospital in September and put on a ventilator.

Lucy has revealed her fear that the Romans were born in a blockade and may suffer from weakened immunity.

In the Sweat Snot & Tears podcast, Lucy said: “I don’t know the facts, but Roman was born 10 days before Covid. He was so isolated that he was literally isolated for six months. A chance to fight the virus.

“When he was in the hospital, a test came back that he had six viruses, so it was the six viruses that I saw with a stinky nose. That was his little body fighting. It had to be, until he was very poor and needed a ventilator.

Lucy reveals her fear that the Romans may suffer from weakened immunity

“But if he was in the normal world at first, you would think he could have fought those viruses.”

Since his admission, Lucy has been involved in a charity that helps sick children and gives back to the hospital that treated Rome.

She explained: “I am forever grateful for the ambulance service that arrived very early at Basildon Hospital, the CATS Team (Children’s Behavior Transport Service), St Mary’s London PICU, and Cosmic Charity (care for babies and children in the intensive care unit). increase.

“I want to do something in return to help other sick children and their families. The new children’s garden area at Basildon Hospital is currently unavailable, giving great joy to the children in the ward. I know it will bring, so I would like to help. “

Lucy is engaged to Ryan Thomas

She states: “We would like to support the space charity with our donations. We promise to support this charity as much as possible in the future.”

She states: “If you’re generous enough to support this incredible charity, there’s a JustGiving page in my biography, which means the world to me if you donate. That’s why. ..

“Cosmic Charity raises a large sum of money for the children’s intensive care unit at St Mary’s Hospital in London, where Rome was transferred when Basildon Hospital couldn’t do anything more for him.”

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Pregnant Lucy Mecklenberg hugs her poor son Rome after rushing him to the doctor

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