Pregnant Louise Thompson says in a social media break, “I don’t have a baby yet.”

Pregnant Made in Chelsea Star Louise Thompson She is taking a break from social media by the time the baby arrives, so tell her fans that she doesn’t have a baby yet.

The previous MIC favorite 31 is Welcome partner Ryan Libby and her first child This month, we used Instagram on social media to let 1.3 million followers know that they don’t have a baby yet.

Louise shared a selection of photos of herself and Ryan, 31, and took an autumn walk while waiting for her first baby to arrive later this month.

The first shot shows the back of a couple walking hand in hand, with Ryan looking around the camera with a big smile.

Louise and Ryan expect their first baby later this month

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The second photo shared by Louise shows that they are reversing their roles. This time, she looks back at her smiling at the camera.

You can see the beloved couple walking hand in hand towards the camera, looking into each other’s eyes, looking at each other gently, and embracing love between them in the final snap.

Louise looks great with orange and black patterned trousers matching a cropped orange polo neck and a long black top that covers her growing bumps.

Louise and Ryan take an autumn walk while waiting for the arrival of their first baby

Louise walking with her partner Ryan smiles at the camera

Ryan looks relaxed, dressed casually in a beige shirt and looking at the photo of his pants and black beanie hat.

The reality star shared a long post with her followers along with Snap to explain that she hasn’t given birth yet.

She states: “Thank you for all the messages you check in.

“I don’t have a baby yet, but a lot is happening. There’s a lot on the plate. It’s important to connect with ourselves. Painting, cooking, cleaning, ironing, It takes a few days to hug, walk, think, write and listen. There may be music, a little dance. Ryan is creative and draws illustrations. He has the right idea. I’m waiting.”

She continued. “My hormones and mood swings are pretty much everywhere, so it’s nice to be a little away from social media and focus on what’s important.”

Co-starring Louise’s brother and MIC Sam thompsonThe 29-year-old immediately made fun of his sister in a hurry.

He writes: “When did you draw it?” Is followed by three laughing face emojis.

Louise and Ryan share a loving hug while taking an autumn walk in the park

Louise then replied: “Yesterday I drew a pencil drawing of Jiuqu, Ryan told me it was good, and I cried !!!”

Fans also went to the post hoping they would be well while Louise and Ryan patiently waited for the baby to arrive.

Some write: “Very happy 4U” is followed by four red heart emojis.

While the second is sharing: “Beautiful photo. Pure love” followed by a red heart emoji.

Third pen: “Couple Goal” followed by a red heart emoji and a high five emoji.

Pregnant Louise Thompson says in a social media break, "I don't have a baby yet."

Source link Pregnant Louise Thompson says in a social media break, "I don't have a baby yet."

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