Pregnant Dani Harmer enjoys the day before giving birth, so it’s all smiling

Tracy Beaker Star Dani Harmer It was discovered to look cheerful before the birth of her second child.

Actress Dani, 32, is already the mother of five-year-old Avariebel and her partner Simon Brough, and the couple will have a second child next February.

The star was found in Bath. She is currently rehearsing her performance at Cinderella at Theater Royal in the city, where she will play the role of Fairy Godmother in Pantomime.

Discovered on the way home from lunch, the star wrapped the baby’s bump under a long black coat with accessories on the “Baby Carrying” badge.

Pregnant Dani Harmer was discovered in Bath before the birth of a second child

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The couple announced in August that they are expecting another child in a sweet ultrasound photo posted on Instagram.

The couple posted a photo of themselves scanning with their daughter Avarier. Her daughter, Avarier, laughs loudly, showing that she can’t wait to be her sister.

Actress Dani tells 141,000 followers in the caption: “Han Solo had Chewbacca. Frodo had Sam. Schlek had a donkey.

“Now prepare for the adventures of Avarier Bell, and at the time of the as yet unnamed Bump coming in February 2022.”

Dani Harmer already has a partner Simon and a daughter

Later they revealed that when Dani posted a clip of a lovely girl holding a baby, she was expecting a boy.

Wearing a pink pajamas with a “sister” stabbed at the top, Avallier Bell looked happy when she supported the growth of the baby labeled “Brand New Brother.”

Please come to dance strictly Star Dani and partner Simon welcomed their first child, Avarie Berbezzi, in 2016.

Dani and her sales manager, Simon, began dating in 2015, about a year before welcoming their first child together.

Dani Harmer has played Tracy Beaker on TV since 2002

Actress Dani became famous for appearing in the story of Tracy Beaker in 2002, based on Jacqueline Wilson’s popular book.

Since playing Tracy, Dani starred as Janet in the production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in 2013, a series of Tracy Beakers including Dani’s House from 2008 to 2012 and Dani’s Castle from 2013 to 2014. Appeared in the spin-off of.

She replayed her role as an adult Tracy at the BBC show My Mum Tracy Beaker earlier this year.

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Pregnant Dani Harmer enjoys the day before giving birth, so it's all smiling

Source link Pregnant Dani Harmer enjoys the day before giving birth, so it's all smiling

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