Pose Star becomes the first Golden Globe Award-winning transgender actress

Mikaela Flies Rodriguez became the first transgender actress in history. Golden globe.

The 31-year-old was named the Best Actress in a TV drama for her appearance as Blanca Rodriguez Evangelista in the pose of the FX series, which ended following the third and final series last year.

The Golden Globe Awards weren’t broadcast on television this year, but took place on January 9, 2022 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, with a reduced private ceremony.

Mikaela has been nominated for this category alongside fellow stars Uzo Aduba (40), Jennifer Aniston (52), Christine Baranski (69) and Elisabeth Moss (39). rice field.

Mikaela Haerodriguez is the first Golden Globe Award-winning transgender actress

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Following the news of her victory, the star who celebrated her birthday just a few days before January 7th went to her Instagram feed and shared her gorgeous snaps in a sparkling green dress, The caption says “OMG OMGGG !!!! @Goldenglobes Wow!

“You’re talking about a disgusting birthday gift! Thank you! This is the door that will open the door for more young talented individuals. They are more than they can. You can see that.

“They will see a young black Latina girl from Newark, NJ, having a dream that changed the hearts of others. LOVE WINS.”

Mikaela called victory a “sick birthday gift”

She continued: “To my young LGBTQAI babies, we are here. The door is open now. Now we reach the stars !!!!! @ goldenglobes”.

After that, Mikaela told Ouzo, Jennifer, Christine and Elizabeth:

The official Instagram account for the Golden Globe Awards replied, “Congratulations, deserving Mikaela!” This is followed by applause emojis and congratulatory hand emojis.

Mikaela said victory “opens the door” to the LGBTQAI community

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It is also understood that Mikaela appeared in a live stream following her victory and was shared on social media by her 1.3 million fans.

During her live, she was understood to have made an acceptance speech, where she said: “Thanks to the Golden Globes. This is LGBTQAI Black, Latina, Asia, many multis of rainbows around the funny world. Because of the beautiful colors. This is not just me.

“This is a door that opens for you, not me. There are so many young, talented, prosperous individuals who will be able to step back and rush through the door. prize.”

Mikaela thanked show co-producer Ryan Murphy for “seeing” her.

“I didn’t have an acceptance speech, so I’ll give it here. I’m very grateful to the many beautiful people who came with me to this show,” she declared.

She thanked the show’s co-producers Ryan Murphy and Steven Canals, as well as executive producers Janet Mock and Our Lady J. Janet Mock-You got it, you raid it, Bum!

“Virgin J. you came like an angel at night and made us graceful with your beautiful writing.”

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Pose Star becomes the first Golden Globe Award-winning transgender actress

Source link Pose Star becomes the first Golden Globe Award-winning transgender actress

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