POLITICO-Harvard Poll: Majority of Americans Support More Covid Assistance for Uninsured

At the same time, more than six out of 10 respondents believe that more congressional spending on Covid aid will contribute to inflation. Republicans and independents were more concerned with potential influence than Democrats; 84 percent of Republicans and 63 percent of Independents said spending more Covid would lead to higher inflation, compared to 37 percent for Democrats.

The findings reflect a challenging landscape for politicians deciding where voters’ priorities lie ahead of the autumn midterm elections.

On the one hand, inflation remains The biggest concern of the voters All political affiliation, which pushes big costs, such as the Covid-19 aid package, is politically risky.

On the other hand, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cases of Covid-19 continue to rise, up 44 percent last month. If another increase leads to an increase in hospitalization and deaths – and the government is still unprepared to offer enough tests, vaccines and antiviral treatments – that is an obvious responsibility, said Robert Blendon, Emeritus, professor of health policy and policy analysis at Harvard. TH Chan School of Public Health.

“If there were headlines that you could not get antivirus in Nebraska, I would not want to be the one who said I was against funding,” he said. “It can pull anyone back.”

At the White House in March Demanded $ 22.5 billion In aid of Covid from Congress, including $ 1.5 billion for providers offering testing, treatment, and vaccines to uninsured and uninsured Americans. But the Republicans abandoned the price and The Democrats have signed a $ 15 billion deal Because they objected to the payment of this aid by using cash supplies from the pandemic of their home states. A bipartisan deal on a smaller, $ 10 billion package that reduced that funding; Also stopped.

“If you want [know] “What wakes me up at night is that we are running out of vaccines,” Kovid co-ordinator Ashish Jaham told a White House news briefing last week. “We will not be able to have enough of the next generation of vaccines. We are going to treat. “And we’re going to run out of diagnostic tests, probably in the late fall, in the winter, if we finally need a significant increase in infections.”

While most Americans want to spend at home, a POLITICO-Harvard survey found that less than half of Americans thought it was important for the federal government to continue to provide significant funding for Covid-19 vaccination and testing in developing countries.

Only 48 percent of respondents thought it was “extremely” or “very” important, compared to 15 percent who said it was “totally important.”

Blendon said insufficient support to support Kovid interventions abroad also depends on Americans’ deep concern about rising prices.

“People can not escape that spending more than Covid is inflationary and therefore they have to do tough [choice]”He said.” [choice] Is: Do what you can to help at home, but they decided in the period of inflation, it is not so [in favor of] “Spending so much money abroad.”

POLITICO-Harvard Poll: Majority of Americans Support More Covid Assistance for Uninsured

Source link POLITICO-Harvard Poll: Majority of Americans Support More Covid Assistance for Uninsured

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