POLITICO-Harvard poll: 40 percent of parents believe that school masks harm their children

According to the survey, it will be incredibly difficult to sell to parents of school-age children. More than 4 in 10 believe that wearing a mask harms their children’s overall scholastic experience, compared with 11 per cent who say it helped. Nearly half of the parents said the masks made no difference.

Fifty-six percent of parents said wearing a mask harms their child’s social learning and interaction, while 39 percent told respondents that it affects their child’s mental and emotional health.

“Even if I were in a democratic state or district, I would pay attention, because there are a significant number of independent people. “Parents who think this policy is hurting their children,” said Robert Blendon, Emeritus, professor of health policy and policy analysis at Har Chan University’s TH Chan School of Public Health. “If you say that something is hurting my children, you will feel it strongly. “Everything that affects your family has a disproportionate impact on how you think about things.”

A survey of 478 parents whose children attend school in person, conducted from March 1 to March 7, also showed that parents are divided over whether a mask is needed to protect children from Covid-19 and options such as Omicron.

A small majority of independents – 52 percent – said masks were not needed for child safety, a figure that Blendon said should worry any politician considering reusing masks in schools if cases or hospitalizations increase.

“Parents who are against it will not go back. “They concluded it was not good for the children’s education, and that’s been two years,” Blendon said. “When you have a significant number of parents who think their children are being threatened, it will have political implications.”

About two-thirds of parents who send their children to schools who no longer need face masks said masks were unnecessary, more than double the number of parents who have children in schools who still needed masks.

Blendon said local leaders were responding to parental concerns.

“The places where the parents really felt it was painful removed the mandates,” he said.

A POLITICO / Morning Consult Survey Since February, when the country had an average of 100,000 new infections per day, there has been a slightly higher approval rating for school mask mandates.

While this poll did not limit the responses to children in school, it found a similar partisan split, with Democrats increasingly saying masks were needed.

Seventy-one percent of Democrats told Harvard polls that it was still necessary for children to wear a mask to school, compared with 27 percent of Republicans.

Overall, 19 percent of Democrats, 63 percent of Republicans and 45 percent of Independents According to a Harvard survey, they thought the masks hurt their son’s school experience.

POLITICO-Harvard poll: 40 percent of parents believe that school masks harm their children

Source link POLITICO-Harvard poll: 40 percent of parents believe that school masks harm their children

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