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Police officers accused of harassing victims of domestic violence liked to play “knights in shining armor.”

A male police officer accused of abusing his position to harass victims of domestic violence in vulnerable women likes to play “knights in shining armor,” the illegal panel said. heard.

One police officer said a police police officer, unnamed and accused of “emotionally manipulating” a young woman, irritated his colleagues with his overly friendly behavior.

Hearings reported that Portsmouth-based police officers, who allegedly hugged and kissed victims of “high-risk” domestic violence, were previously “intimate” with female police officers.

A female colleague of Officer A said the pair’s hearing was “easily intimate” and his overly friendly behavior annoyed other staff.

She said: “I think he likes to be a knight in shining armor that caused problems with his colleagues.”

Hampshire Police Officer A allegedly met victims of abuse through his work and began to “force and control” his relationship with her.

A woman called “Woman A” initially thought Officer A was helping her partner when she was charged with domestic violent crimes, but said he soon became “strange.” ..

He allegedly sent her a text message, invited her home, called her “Hun” for a cocktail date, and sent a wink face emoji with a kiss while pursuing a relationship with her. ..

The middle-aged serving officer, who is currently at the center of fraudulent hearings, is recognized for lifelong anonymity and is only referred to as “Officer A.”

The media disputed the chairman of the hearing’s decision to ban the disclosure of Officer A’s identity, arguing that it would be in the public interest to be nominated.

Officer A, who denies the crime, had to hand over the tissue because he sobbed at the tort and admitted that she shouldn’t have taken a selfie at the Christmas party at work.

“I shouldn’t have sent it, but I sent it, and I was happy when I sent it,” he said. He added:

“I was thinking about the other cases I dealt with. I had some good results for some victims, and I was happy and happy with where I was. is.”

In a hearing at the Hampshire Constabulary in Winchester (pictured), I heard that a police police officer attacked a victim of vulnerable domestic violence with a text message, invited her to her home and asked her to go on a cocktail date. rice field.

He claimed that if he “beats her”, she “shuts down” and he repeatedly contacts the woman. She said at a hearing that she felt “uncomfortable” with his contacts.

Officer A also admitted that he did not report a meeting with Woman A outside his home in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

During the meeting, Officer A admitted to touching her shoulder, but refused to kiss her.

He said:’I didn’t record the conversation. In this report, I would have been removed from the case of Woman A.

“I still thought I could manage her. If she went with someone else on my team, she would start over.”

Woman A said at a hearing at the Hampshire Police Headquarters in Eastleigh, Hampshire, she was scared of male police officers following police officer A’s actions in 2019.

She said:’It made me delusional, especially around male police officers.

“If I need help now, I hesitate to call the police because they are just ordinary people and they are doing bad things.

“I’m also worried about calling the police now … what he did wasn’t right, and I felt that other police officers might be.

“I didn’t see frivolity before he invited me around his house because I wouldn’t have gone without me.

“Before that he was really kind and supportive every day. I was just overwhelmed.

“My life was collapsing, and I was naive so I didn’t realize what he was doing … I almost died a few weeks ago.

“At first I really wanted this guy to help me, but in the end what he was doing didn’t help at all.

“How he acted, I think he had a romantic interest. You don’t invite anyone to such a supper, it’s a date. It wasn’t decent.”

Today, the media continued to speak to the hearing by appealing an additional ruling that prevented the media from explaining why the ban on the identity of police officers was enforced.

The week-long hearing will continue.

Police officers accused of harassing victims of domestic violence liked to play “knights in shining armor.”

SourcePolice officers accused of harassing victims of domestic violence liked to play “knights in shining armor.”

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