Police have blown up Boris Johnson’s criminal “gimmick” by promising all victims to call their cops.

Police blow up Boris Johnson’s criminal “gimmick”: anger at the Prime Minister’s pledge that all victims will call their own designated officers

  • The Prime Minister will announce his new “beating crime plan” on Tuesday
  • The police federation said the pledge was infeasible and rarely achieved due to reductions
  • Chairman Ken Marsh doubted Johnson’s claim that Johnson was “forever” in favor of the police.

Boris Johnson He was accused of trading in a “gimmick” last night after he swore all the victims crime Access to the nominated officer is granted.

The prime minister will announce his “beating crime plan” tomorrow after leaving the Checkers country’s withdrawal following Covid’s quarantine.

He vows that all victims will have “a nominated officer to call-someone who is on your side right away”.

However, the police federation said the promise was infeasible and could hardly be achieved in the face of Tory’s record of resource savings.

Since 2010, at least 667 stations with front counters have been closed, and during 2018, the English and Wales troops lost 21,732 police officers. This is a 15% reduction.

The federation, which represents Rank and File, announced last week that it was not confident in Home Secretary Priti Patel after the wage freeze.

Boris Johnson will announce his new “crime beating bill” on Tuesday-but it has already been criticized by the police federation as “infeasible”, especially in the face of cuts.

Johnson announced his plans at Sunday Express, stating:

“We want everyone to know that if you are a victim of a crime, you have a designated officer to call – someone on your side right away.”

Other measures include a league table of 101 and 999 phone response times, more officers to tackle school refusal, and further efforts against county drug gangs.

Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Department, criticized the “nominated police officer” plan.

“It’s a gimmick because it’s not practical,” he said. “If the officer is in a shift pattern, ill or on holiday, it only puts additional pressure on the officer.

“It doesn’t work that way-due to the pure nature of their work, you can’t start appointing officers alone. What if they aren’t working?”

Marsh also criticized Johnson’s allegation that Johnson had “forever” assisted the police.

“He hasn’t been pushing us all the time. He treats us in a mockery way,” he said, expressing concern about how executives were treated in the pandemic. ..

“And what do we get at the end of it? As always, there is absolutely nothing. His words are empty and my colleagues are now fed up with it.

Dame Vera Baird, Commissioner of Victims in England and Wales, said:

The Police Federation has branded Johnson’s new plan to assign police officers named “impractical” and “gimmicks” to all victims (Photo: Stock Photo of the event in London).

“So having an officer appointed to ensure that it might help. But victims now often get the officer’s phone number in their case, busy and promise It’s frustrating because few people are able to keep their victims up-to-date, not observing and constantly shifting.

“The new personal police system needs to ensure prioritization of communication with victims.”

Claire Waxman, Victim Commissioner in London, tweeted:’PM wants to make sure that every victim has a designated police officer.

“Don’t know how this is a new initiative? It’s already a qualification for the Victims Code of Conduct.”

Nick Thomas Symons of Shadow Home Secretary said: It was the Conservative Party that decided to reduce the number of frontline police officers by 21,000, which hit the neighborhood guards.

The minister also insulted police officers with an offer to pay zero percent. It’s no wonder the police federation isn’t confident in this interior minister.

“The minister is wasting millions on yachts of meaningless vanity. Labor by proposing more neighborhood security and the disposal of vanity yachts to invest to make the community safer. The power is clear.


Police have blown up Boris Johnson’s criminal “gimmick” by promising all victims to call their cops.

SourcePolice have blown up Boris Johnson’s criminal “gimmick” by promising all victims to call their cops.

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