Police face aggressive tactical allegations in Bristol’s “kill Bill” protest

Citizens’ Freedom Group and Labor lawmakers expressed concern about “brute force policing” after two consecutive weekends of “killing Bill” protests in Bristol hit women and produced police footage attacking newspaper reporters. ..

Liberty, a civil liberty group, called footage after a protracted standoff in central Bristol on Friday a “disturbing scene,” and Nottingham East lawmaker Nadia Whittome called for an investigation into a recent crackdown on protests. ..

Boris Johnson has accused the violence of “disgraceful attacks” by protesters against police crimes, sentencing and court bills currently in front of Congress.

The bill spawned a series of demonstrations out of fear that it would reduce the right to protest.

“Our police officers don’t have to face bricks, bottles and fireworks being thrown by mobs intended for violence or property damage,” Boris Johnson said. I have written On Twitter.

The violence on Friday night followed a lengthy conflict between protesters in riot control equipment and police, and Bridewell, the city’s main police station, damaged by the protests of Kill the Building on Sunday. Prevented them from reaching the police station. Those protests resulted in many police car torches.

Hundreds of protesters at the top of Silver Street in the city center after more than 1,000 had previously marched through the city center in a peaceful protest that began outside the cathedral at 4 pm I spent hours confronting the police.

Protesters tweeted a video showing that police officers apparently beat a woman and police officers used the edge of a riot shield to beat a protester sitting on the ground.

Daily Mirror Reporter Matthew Dresh, Tweeted video A photo of a policeman who hit him with a baton, even though he confirmed he was a member of the press.

Local police, Avon Somerset, said 10 people were arrested during the protest, glass bottles and bricks were thrown at the police, fireworks were launched by the police, and horses were covered in paint.

Mark Munacre, the superintendent of education responsible for cracking down on protests, said the majority of the attendees acted peacefully.

But he added, “there was a minority who showed hostility to the police.”

The unit said the journalist knew the video “faced by the police” and was trying to contact him.

“Free press is the cornerstone of our democracy and we fully respect the important role of the media in reporting events fairly and accurately,” he wrote on Twitter.

Liberty criticizing “disturbing scenes” I have written On Twitter: “Protests are rights, not privileges. Strict crackdowns and further restrictions on police crackdown bills are a threat to those rights.”

Whitme, a member of the left-wing MP socialist campaign group, was injured by protesters and journalists. I have written: “The case of an independent investigation into the crackdown on Bristol’s protests is clear.”

The event in Bristol is the latest to raise questions about police tactics against demonstrations following the demonstrations. Man handling A police officer from the Metropolitan Police Department killed a woman at a rally in London’s Clapham Common for Sarah Evalard, a murdered woman.

Wayne Kusens, the Metropolitan Police Department of the Metropolitan Police Department Waiting for trial For the kidnapping and murder of Eballard.

A series of further Kill the Building protests will take place across England on Saturday, with demonstrations scheduled at Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, and many other large centers.

Police face aggressive tactical allegations in Bristol’s “kill Bill” protest

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