PillSorted raises £ 4.8 million “to revolutionize digital pharmacies”

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PillSorted, a personalized delivery pharmacy service, raised £ 4.8 million in initial funding.

The company aims to provide a personalized way of delivering drugs to patients while setting the blueprint for the future of digital pharmaceutical care.

Its technology claims it delivers timely medication to the many thousands of patients currently struggling with inefficient home delivery services, improving the quality of care, reducing pharmacist workloads and creating NHS efficiency improvements.

As predictive health becomes increasingly popular in the HealthTech industry, PillSorted’s team of data scientists plans to use intelligent algorithms to improve health outcomes and provide better advice, reducing the cost of future medications and prioritizing patient well-being.

Founded in 2019 by pharmacist Zeinab Ardeshir, PillSorted combines compassionate care with intelligent automation, eliminating the administrative burden of manual prescription processing and allowing pharmacists to spend more time listening to their patients, explaining how medications work. and provide a holistic and personalized service.

By drawing on NHS integrations such as NHS Spine, PillSorted’s systematic feedback loop between pharmacies and GPs has enormous potential to offer a better standard of care, while improving efficiency levels for healthcare professionals. It also provides patients with access to digital consultations with a regular pharmacist when needed and manages drug delivery.

£ 1 million for the ‘Lifesaving’ Cancer Care Management Device.

“The typical pharmacy experience has long been in need of an update and most pharmacists, despite being well trained and highly informed, are so bogged down by repetitive and manual tasks that they only have time to provide a basic transactional service.” Ardeshir CEO said.

“Our mission is to provide a personalized pharmacy service for people who are taking a lot of medications that makes it much easier to access the medications and the support they need.

“In the same way that we can now get groceries delivered on demand, I wanted to create a company that could play a similar role in providing essential medicines. Our service not only makes it easier to deliver medicines to patients, but our pharmacists are also able to regularly review medications and ensure patients receive the best possible care.

“I want PillSorted to play a role in providing preventative health care to the community, which is so important given the shortage of NHS staff we are currently experiencing.”

Backed by Pear VC, Hoxton Ventures, Edison Partners and the founders of DoorDash, the fundraiser will be used to further improve PillSortedpredictive drug technology and capabilities and expand the company’s workforce in the UK.

It also started testing the service in support of health workers in the context of continuous integration with social assistance.

PillSorted raises £ 4.8 million “to revolutionize digital pharmacies”

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