Pillow Sizes: A Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Size

Pillow sizes have long been a battle for the ages. It all started way back in prehistoric times when cavemen had to use what was available around them to make cozy beds. They would wrap large pieces of animal hide or fat over the openings of their sleeping bags to keep the heat out. They would also make nests of sticks and other natural materials to make their pillows more comfortable.

Pillow Sizes: A Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Size

This is the way it has always been since time immemorial and probably before, too. But with the introduction of new materials and designs, pillow sizes changed forever. No longer would people have to resort to using things like animal hide or fat to make their pillows. But even without these, people still used standard pillow sizes that would fit all standard-sized mattresses. And the Pillow Doctors have made the process a lot easier for people today by consistently bringing products that are of the highest quality but with the ability to adjust to different sizes.

The function of a pillow

The basic function of a pillow these days is that the addition of the correct mattress keeps the body in alignment during the night. The head and spine are aligned, while the comfort of the upper body is held and there is no definite pressure in one particular position. In order the choose the correct pillow it is very much important to know about the various sizes the pillow are available so that you can choose the correct size pillow that meets all your needs.

Pillow size chart

The basic pillow sizes include Standard, Queen, king, and body pillow. Below is a proper size chart that specifies the intrigue details of these popular pillow sizes

Pillow Sizes Inches CMS
Standard 20 by 20 in 51 by 56 cms
Queen 20 by 30 in 51 by 76 cms
King 20 by 36 in 51 by 92 cms
Body 20 by 54 in 51 by 137 cms


Description of different pillow sizes

Pillow Sizes: A Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Size

Standard pillow size:- One of the smallest pillow sizes among the regular pillows a standard pillow measures 20 by 26 inches and easily fits into any regular size pillowcases. These pillows apart from being condensed enough to fit in any bed type they also provide proper support to your neck and head.

Queen pillow size:– A queen size pillow is 4 inches wider than the standard pillow size making it ideal for restless sleepers to turn and toss around without losing proper head support while asleep. These pillows will fit perfectly a Proper queen-size pillowcase or can also be fit into a regular standard pillowcase with a little difficulty. Queen size beds can fit two queen-sized pillows whereas. They can also be used on a twin, a full, and any other mattress that is bigger than these sizes.

King size Pillow:- Measuring 20 by 36 inches these mattresses are 10 inches wider than a standard and 6 inches wider than a queen mattress. These extra-long pillows provide support for people suffering from joint or muscle pain as they provide extra support in width that eases movement while providing proper head support while movement. They are also considered perfect for pregnant women. A couple of King pillows looks aesthetically pleasing on a king or a California king mattress.

Body size Pillow:-The body Pillow measures 20 by 54 inches and is an excellent choice for people who sleep on their side. Body Pillow side sleepers or Pregnant women by matching to the body`s shape and also offering pain relief to people suffering from joint pain or sleepers who need support across the length of their body. These pillows need their pillowcase and would fit in any spacious bed.

Besides these standard pillow sizes, there are other pillow sizes that also widely available

Euro pillow size:-Euro pillow also known popularly as the European sham has a dimension of 26 by 26 inches and is mostly used as ornamental or decorative elements on a sofa or bed. In beds, they are usually placed against the headboard to give it an elegant feel.

Travel pillows:- Travel pillows are sized at  12 to 16 inches making them compact enough for travel. They are different from the U-shaped Neck pillows that travelers usually use to travel. They are square and can be used for a toddler’s bed as well.

Lumbar Pillow:-Lumbar pillows add to the comfort of any seating form as they are usually longer and narrower pillows meant to support the lower back. Rectangular Lumbar pillows and cushions are varied widely and the most common pillow size is 12 by 19 or 12 by 20 inches. These pillows come in a wide variety of colors and are aesthetically very pleasing.

Choosing the Right pillow

There is a different pillow that would suit different sleepers some of these factors can be discussed as follows

Pillow Sizes A Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Size.

The Back Sleepers:-Back sleepers should choose pillows that should support their neck and head properly. They should usually choose a medium thick pillow that is usually not too full or flat. Since they want their spine and neck to remain upright and supportive while they sleep.

The side sleepers:-For side sleepers their pillow should keep their head aligned with the help of the spine. Therefore it is the shoulder that keeps the maximum weight and balance therefore side sleepers should seek a fuller, firmer pillow that would provide the neck some support while releasing some burden from the shoulder.

The stomach sleepers:-Stomach sleepers put maximum strain on their back and neck therefore a pillow that is softer and less full will be very useful for stomach sleepers.


Pillow sizes can be very important to consider when buying a new pillow for one’s home or car. There are multiple options out there and it would be best to explore all of them before settling on one. The right types can enhance the way a person sleeps and can make a difference in how well a person can get a good night’s rest. These pillows can be purchased at very reasonable prices and can offer a lot of comforts.


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