Piers Morgan’s online troll was “arrested for threatening murder” by Star and his son.

one of Pier Spencer Morgan’s online troll is allegedly arrested for continued “long-term investigation” of the issue.

In 2021, someone on social media threatened to kill the former Good Morning Britain Branded Host, 56, and He as a “Marked Man” — — Connect to the wharf There is a panic button in his house.

An unnamed individual commented on one of Instagram’s Piers photos. That promise, you will be killed. “

A message was also sent to Pierce’s son, Spencer, 28, who allegedly threatened to “get it” if he didn’t.

Both Pierce and Spencer Morgan are threatened with murder online

In the wake of his arrest, Pierce opened his heart to the trials and said, “We need to draw a line.”

He said Sun: “People think it’s perfectly okay to threaten a public figure to kill on social media, but it’s not. Especially if the family is targeted, you need to draw a line.

“That’s why I reported it, and I’m grateful to Met and Greater Manchester police for taking it so seriously.”

“A timid threat has consequences,” he added on Twitter.

Pierce says the TV producer joked that it would be. "Great tv" If the cage breaks
Someone on social media threatened to kill a former Good Morning Britain host

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Law enforcement agencies understood!: “On Wednesday, February 17, 2021, police received reports of malicious communications related to messages sent on social media.

“The officers talked directly with the petitioner.

“On August 3, a 43-year-old man was arrested in Manchester on suspicion of threatening to kill him. He was released during an investigation while the investigation continued.

“Investigation is ongoing.”

Piers Morgan revealed that he was offered
Pierce said of the arrest:

Sources said to be close to the pier also told the Sun:

“Trolls have vowed to send an incredibly vulgar and graphic message to both Peer and Spencer and kill them.

“I was finally arrested, but a long investigation is still going on.

“Pierce wants this evil troll to be put in his prison.

“Hopefully it will also act as a deterrent to other online abusers.”

According to the newspaper, the person arrested in August was reprimanded for his cell phone and tablet and subsequently released on bail. He has not been charged yet.

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Piers Morgan's online troll was "arrested for threatening murder" by Star and his son.

Source link Piers Morgan's online troll was "arrested for threatening murder" by Star and his son.

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