Piers Morgan calls Megan Markle an “manipulative piece” after the victory of privacy

Piers Morgan Started another rant at Megan Markle Following her breakthrough victory in her privacy proceedings against the publisher of Sunday’s email.

former Good Morning Britain Presenter Duchess of Sussex for her statement And he called her “manipulative works” and malicious adjectives like “folk tongue.”

The two 40-year-old mothers were overjoyed when they won the appeal in the proceedings. This follows the publication’s decision to publish an excerpt of Megan’s personal communication to his father, Thomas Markle, 77, in 2018.

In a powerful statement, Megan stated that her victory was “a victory not only for me, but for those who were afraid to face the right thing.”

Still, 56-year-old Piers attacked the Duchess in his column on MailOnline, claiming she was about to become “a kind of late-day Winston Churchill.”

Piers Morgan criticized the Duchess of Sussex for her statement after winning her appeal in a privacy proceeding against the publisher of Mail on Sunday.

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In his long criticism of Royal, a journalist said, “She is not an unemployed actress fleeing the royal status of billions of her unelected couples from California’s mansion, but rallying the country during the war. I’m about to become a kind of late-day Winston Churchill. “

When hearing the allegations of Jason Knauf, a former communications secretary of Sussexes, Megan said the letter was ready to be open to the public, and if so, she called her father “daddy” in the letter. I wanted to confirm. Further in his tilade.

“When I read that ruthless cynical little gem, my heart strap remained steadfast, but I’m sorry that a small piece of repulsive intestinal juice was spit out of my mouth.” He said.

Overall, Sunday’s email published five articles, including some of the “personal and private” letters, and Megan sued the publisher for privacy and piracy.

Megan Markle wrote a powerful statement about her appeal victory
Megan Markle wrote a powerful statement about her appeal victory

Thomas Markle said his daughter Megan "tricked" Man
Thomas Markle says his daughter Megan is “fooling” people

The Duchess won her case earlier this year, but Associated Newspapers Ltd. appealed at a three-day hearing last month, arguing that the case should be fully heard.

The publisher claimed that the Duchess wrote a letter to her estranged father “with potential public consumption in mind,” but lost the complaint.

There was much controversy throughout the case, alleging that Megan drafted a letter to his father “knowing that it could be leaked.”

It was also revealed that the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess assisted the authors of their biography “Find Freedom.”

Megan Markle "upset" she "I couldn't control" According to commentators, her public image in the royal family
According to commentators, Megan Markle was “upset” with “out of control” of her public image of the royal family.

Megan apologized for not being able to remember that she allowed senior aides to the simple authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.

Megan said in a statement from the Court of Appeals that she had forgotten to exchange emails about the book between her and former spokesman Jason.

Pierce added in his column that the proceedings made it possible for the general public to see “folk tongue and everything” what a “real” Megan would look like.

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Piers Morgan calls Megan Markle an "manipulative piece" after the victory of privacy

Source link Piers Morgan calls Megan Markle an "manipulative piece" after the victory of privacy

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