Phoebe Burgess recalls Sam’s case in an emotional interview and collapses

Phoebe Burgess recalls the moment she discovers her husband Sam Burgess having an affair and collapses in an emotional interview

Phoebe Burgess wept this week as she remembered the tragic moment when she discovered that her then-husband, Sam Burgess, was having an affair with a female. Melbourne In 2017.

former NRL The 32-year-old WAG, who was married to a South Sydney Rabbitos player who retired for four years before being split in October 2019, became emotional when discussing Sam’s unfaithfulness. No filter Podcast.

Phoebe told host Mia Friedman that she had discovered her husband’s case after confessing that she was being investigated by the club in a “sexting” scandal in 2018. He later lost his involvement in the “sexting” issue.

Devastated: Phoebe Burgess couldn’t hide her emotions as she remembered the moment her husband Sam Burgess had an affair with a female in Melbourne in 2017.

“I was my husband’s ultimate defender,” she said. “I believed he was sacrificed.

“And the night came when the next woman decided she was going to talk about the next story. My husband was the captain of England in 2017, and the country to see him without a daughter. I was having an affair when I was traveling inside. The game.’

She shed tears and added: “And that night, that night broke me.”

While devastating their marriage, Phoebe added that there were many other moments leading up to the end of their relationship.

She said she couldn’t give the “exact moment” when things went wrong, and used an analogy to convey her claim.

“I couldn’t give you the exact moment. All I can say is … the frog analogy. You throw the frog into boiling water where it will scream. Slowly set the fire. When you raise it, it stays there and is cooked alive. That’s it. Small things have begun to increase.

“I wish I had listened to what my body was telling me. After giving birth to my daughter, after having back surgery, I was so worried that I couldn’t drive. ..

“I was just scared to drive. And that wasn’t part of my personality. I couldn’t drive on the freeway without feeling out of control.”


Phoebe Burgess recalls Sam’s case in an emotional interview and collapses

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