Philip Margo dies at age 79

The Tokens singer Philip Margo died at the age of 79, famous for The Lion King’s hit single “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

According to his family, Margo died in the hospital on Saturday Los Angeles After suffering a stroke.


Token singer Philip Margo died at the age of 79Credits: Getty Images-Getty


The Token Smash Single, The Lion is Sleeping, was featured in Disney’s 1994 movie The Lion KingCredit: Alamy

NS Brooklyn Native was a longtime member of The Tokens, an American doo-wop-style vocal group.

The group is famous for the hit single The Lion Sleeps Tonight, which ranked number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1961.

At the time of the release of the single, Margo and other group members were not very confident in the record.

“We were embarrassed and tried to persuade Hugo. [Peretti] And Luigi [Creatore] Don’t release it, “he said in an interview quoted in Fred Bronson’s number one hit billboard book.

“They said it would be a big record, and it disappeared.”

After its release, with the help of lyricist George Weiss, who added English lyrics starting with “The mighty jungle in the jungle,” the song remained number one for three weeks and became a cultural touchstone. rice field.

Then in 1994, the popularity soared Disney They featured a single in their movie The Lion King.

“Now is now. We are now. I am excited,” Margo said at the time.

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Philip Margo dies at age 79

Source link Philip Margo dies at age 79

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