Pfizer CEO says another Covid booster will be needed

“The protection you get from a third party is good enough, in fact it’s pretty good for hospitalization and death,” Burla said. “It is not so good against infections, but it does not last long. But we’re just sending this data to the FDA and then we’ll see what the experts say outside of Pfizer as well. ”

His comments come as The White House is planning a post-Covid phase responseAims to keep the virus under control in a way that minimizes disruption to daily life. Although cases increased due to the Omicron variant in early 2022, the impact of the coronavirus on the U.S. has been less severe since February.

Burla’s comments continue a different communication scheme from the pharmaceutical company and the government as the pandemic enters its third year. When Pfizer finally recommended the amplifier, the FDA did not agree until the rate was finally changed and a recommendation was made. Asked if Pfizer and the agency could have avoided taking the step this time around, Burla said on Sunday: “I think so.”

“And I think right now we need to be very well coordinated – the CDC, the FDA and the industry – so that we can all give the American people and the world a unified picture rather than confusion,” he added.

Although Covid’s cases in the United States have calmed down since Omicron’s worst-case scenario, Burla stressed the need to “stay very diligent in the face of the virus” and said another shot could help protect the vaccine from falling over time.

On the subject of endurance, the CEO said that his company’s goal was to create a vaccine that would last longer – at least a year – and protect against all options. If Pfizer can achieve that, Burla said, “we can actually go back to where we used to live.”

The White House asked the FDA questions when asked to comment on Burla’s remarks. The FDA and CDC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Pfizer CEO says another Covid booster will be needed

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