Peter Crouch jokes that he wants to play soccer on Christmas day rather than family time

As we saw when they seemed to giggle the celebrity storm Goggles box, Peter crouch And wife Abbey Clancy It’s a game of laughter.

But even she may feel sick when Peter admits that he wants to spend Christmas day on the pitch rather than with his wife and children!

“To be honest, I really want to play soccer,” laughs 40-year-old former England soccer player who hasn’t played on Boxing Day since he retired in 2019.

Now Peter is indulging with his family on Christmas Day – 10-year-old Abbey’s wife (35) and her four children (Sophia (10), Liberty (6), Johnny (3). Year), Jack (2 years)).

For the rest of the year, he’s still working as an expert, hosting last year’s Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer and his popular podcast, That Peter Crouch Podcast.

Married couples lark about enjoying Christmas in their socializing

He also returned to one of his first football teams, Dulwich Hamlet FC, and found time to bring it back from the brink in a documentary following his progress.

Here, Peter tells us what Christmas was like at their home and how his plans have now achieved all his ambitions as a soccer player …

How was your first Christmas at home in 2019 when you retired?

I probably joined the first team at the age of 18 and had no real Christmas until I retired at the age of 38. Obviously we celebrated, and I had a nice Christmas Eve, but we were training, and I often have a hotel because we have Boxing Day and December 28th I was on Christmas night.

So I really couldn’t drink. New Year’s Eve I often go to the hotel and go to bed at 10 pm for the New Year’s Day game. It was a pretty intense time when it came to soccer.

But as soon as I retired, I did everything else that everyone else did. I got drunk, ate a lot, and went to soccer.

Peter and all his children (LR) Liberty Rose, Sophia Ruby, Jack, Johnny

Did you feel special?

It was good, but to be honest, I really want to play soccer a year later. There is something special about not getting a hangover for everyone else and training on Christmas day.

It felt like a festival, so I enjoyed it with a strange feeling. I think that’s all I’ve been used to. It was nice to spend time with my family, but it was nice to play soccer and the whole family came to see you.

Is Abbey a Boxing Day Soccer Widow?

I want to see it on TV. If you work, you go to the game, but if you don’t work, it’s difficult to escape. It may be difficult to be alone, but it is helpful because I am enjoying it with the backup of Abby’s father and brother.

How is Christmas in your home? It must be chaotic …

Yeah, obviously Christmas is for kids and we’re lucky to have four-they absolutely love it. So our goal is to ensure that they have the best time they have ever had. Then obviously we have a lot of families, so it’s normal for everyone to come to us if possible.

Who tends to cook?

The monastery, her mom and her brothers are very good. They all tinker and do it.

Do you have many traditions?

Abby always likes to put us all in the same pajamas. Everyone who is with us on Christmas Eve must wear pajamas of the same name. Instagram usually has pictures of all of us flying around.

During the festival, couples wear matching pajamas

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Are you good at buying Abbey gifts?

Oh, I’m useless. To be honest, Abby does everything about gifts – obviously her and Father Christmas. All I have to do is buy a present for her, and quite often I make a mistake.

Does she pretend to be happy with it?

Ohno. She tells me right away. I think she said one year to me, “I don’t even know who I am!”

It was my favorite year! Since my first baby was just born, I got a red bean baby bag, so I thought it would be helpful.

She said, “It’s azuki, Pete!” “Yes, but there are small pockets for bottles, dummies, etc.” I said. She said she was “ridiculous”.

She had the same Burberry Mac for the last three years. I forgot to buy it for her a year ago and got the same, but it was a slightly newer version. I forgot because she didn’t wear it last year!

The monastery was on Please come to dance strictly.. Is that what you do?

I do not think so. Never say, but the thing is Abby won And I’m very competitive and there are so many robots you can do!

I think I’ll go out after I do it [laughs]..

Was it strange to see her exactly?

Yeah, that’s a bit crazy for both sides. I wouldn’t do it, but purely because of the fact that Abby won it, and I probably didn’t.

Peter proudly wears his Darridge Hamlet FC shirt

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Do you have any hope or ambition for the future?

I had no long-term plans since I retired. I work at Darridge Hamlet FC.

I feel like I have to make sure I get it right. But everything else I’m going to enjoy and hopefully people are enjoying it with me.

Interview: Rachel Corcoran

Peter Crouch: Save Our Beautiful Game, available for streaming on discovery + from Tuesday, December 28th

Peter Crouch jokes that he wants to play soccer on Christmas day rather than family time

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