Peter Andre shares a 90’s slowback snap with Lisa Armstrong during the pop star era

Peter andre He shares some throwback images from his 90’s pop star era.

The photo includes a shirtless Peter with wild bedhead hair and another star in an oversized leather jacket with gelled hair posing next to the 90’s pop band Deuce. Is Lisa Armstrong..

With a caption on the image, Peter writes:

“Question: Which group do I stand in Photo 2? Only true fans of the 90’s remember :)”

A fan who loves random throwback photos writes: I have to know … what was the condition of your hair in the morning? ”

Pop band Deuce and Peter Andre in 1996

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Another added:

Meanwhile, a third party joked. “What’s happening at Peter Andre in these pictures!”

The singer turned into a television star and, at the age of 48, first gained fame in music in the 90s. The most famous is his song “Mysterious Girl”, which peaked at No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart in 1996.

He has released a total of 12 albums. His latest release is the Christmas special album White Christmas, released in 2015.

Peter Andre shared a throwback snap with a pretty nasty hairstyle

But the stars don’t seem to rule out releasing more music.

In July 2021, insiders Sun: “Peter was blocked and returned to the studio to write a track with really talented people. He was inspired by the reggae and pop sounds of the song and the album is almost complete.”

Peter shares his two children (a 16-year-old junior and a 14-year-old princess) with former Katie Price.He is married to his wife Emily Andre Since 2015, the couple have shared two children. Amelia has 8 people and Theo has 5 people.

The family took off for a luxury vacation to Dubai A private pool and a butler are available for the New Year.

Rooms cost about £ 2,400 per night, giving guests the ultimate in luxury.

Pete and Emily posed for a cute snap when the vacation began

Sharing the tour, Pete told his followers: “This villa was great in Dubai.”

Then he got a glimpse of their butler and wrote:

“Thank you for treating my family (especially my children) very specially.”

Pete showed off the pool area and added: It was special. “

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Peter Andre shares a 90's slowback snap with Lisa Armstrong during the pop star era

Source link Peter Andre shares a 90's slowback snap with Lisa Armstrong during the pop star era

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